Fee for overhaul: benefits for pensioners 70-80 years old

In 2015, a bill was adopted, according to whichwhich was abolished for the elderly by a payment for major repairs. Benefits for pensioners are granted on special terms. The change was gradual and over time covered all regions of the Russian Federation. So to whom are these privileges put and how not to pay for capital repairs?

overhaul charge for pensioners

Privileges for retirees for payment for capital repairs

Not so long ago in our country,residents of apartment buildings for major repairs. The implementation period of this program is 30 years, which is quite a lot. Many pensioners can no longer wait for such a grandiose transformation of the house, so the State Duma deputies decided to cancel their payment for major repairs. Benefits for pensioners over 80 years are granted without exception.

Later this bill entered into force andGradually the regions began to cancel this line in the receipt. It is worth noting that the privilege extends solely to non-working pensioners or lonely.

The privilege is valid if the elderly personis the owner of housing. In this case, the overhaul charge is canceled. Benefit for pensioners over 80 years is also provided only if they have at their disposal no more than 33 sq.m or 42 sq.m for two. However, the yardage is set individually in each region.

If a pensioner occupies a large territory, then an extra quadrature will be charged for a capital repair, under the privilege, it does not fall.

Where does the law operate and what privileges does it provide?

payment for capital repairs benefits for pensioners over 80 years old

In general, the law operates throughout the territory of the Russian Federation, thenthere is a countrywide overhaul fee. Benefits for pensioners are declarative. On all issues you need to apply for social protection.

As a result, an elderly person who has received the right to such a subsidy can count on:

  • reduction of payment for capital repairs, a privilege for pensioners of 70 years provides for a reduction of the contribution by 50%;
  • full exemption from contributions - provided only for citizens whose age has exceeded 80 years;
  • compensation - the pensioner still has to pay for the capital repair of the apartment building, but then these funds will be returned to the card or account in any bank.

What category of pensioners can expect a discount?

All pensioners who can rely on privileges for overhauling the state, are divided into two categories.

1. Couples or single pensioners, whose age has exceeded 70 years. For them, the following requirements must be fulfilled:

  • housing must be owned;
  • a pensioner should not be officially employed;
  • a citizen should not have debts to pay for a communal.

If all requirements are fulfilled, then such a category of citizens provides for a discount on capital repair contributions of 50%.

payment for overhaul benefits for pensioners over 80 years old

2. Couples or single pensioners over 80 years of age. For such people there are also requirements:

  • absence of an official place of work;
  • housing should not be in hiring;
  • a pensioner should not have a debt on CG.

When all the requirements are satisfied, the citizen willcanceled the cost of overhaul. A pension for pensioners over 80 years old is granted in the form of a refund of the amount paid. That is, a person pays for major repairs on a par with everyone, but after the money he is returned to the account.

How to get a benefit?

If a person falls under the allocated categories,then to get the privilege he needs to come forward. There are three ways that you can use to get a discount on the overhaul fee. Benefit pensioners can be issued through:

  • social protection;
  • Multifunctional Center;
  • portal "State services".

It is worth noting that before this pensioner must pay off his debts for CG and indicate the account where the funds will be repaid each month.

payment for capital repairs privileges for pensioners 70 years

What is the necessary package of documents for a discount? It:

  1. Statement.
  2. Help, which confirms the absence of debts for the communal.
  3. Passport of the pensioner.
  4. Documents confirming the right to receive appropriate benefits.
  5. A copy of the certificate of ownership of the living space.

Drawing up an application

First you need to write a statement correctlyto receive a discount for a repair overhaul. A pension for pensioners is 80 years and 70 years without this document is not provided. A citizen can write it himself or ask for help in social service.

In it, in necessarily order it is necessary to write:

  • Your data (full name);
  • number of the account where money can be transferred;
  • to which privileged category is the pensioner;
  • date;
  • signature.

It should be noted that regional authorities canindependently to change the size of the contribution for major repairs, but its size for 1 square meter in different areas does not differ much. The state established a minimum of 6 rubles per 1 sq. M.

It is not necessary to postpone the writing of an application and the collection of papers. In some areas, the conditions of the program are slightly different, but it works in the whole of the Russian Federation.

payment for capital repairs benefits for pensioners 80 years

What is the danger of unauthorized refusal to pay?

Many older citizens hoped thatthe authorities will completely cancel the payment for major repairs, and benefits to pensioners will be provided without additional documents. However, in a few years the situation remained at the same level.

So, lawyers warn that if a pensioner still wants to get his discount for payment for capital repairs, he must necessarily pay this line in receipts.

If an elderly citizen arbitrarily decidesto refuse to pay for capital repairs and not claim for the privilege it has, the right to obtain such a privilege is lost. Moreover, the contribution to the capital improvement of housing - this is the same fee as for electricity or heating, debt over time will begin to accrue penalties.

If this does not help to enlighten the pensioner, thena regional operator has the right to file a claim against a citizen in court, and the court in turn will decide on recovery of the debt from the pensioner. In addition, if the court sided with the regional operator, the pensioner would also have to pay all the costs incurred by the plaintiff because of the proceedings.