What are the benefits for veterans of labor: how to become a labor veteran

A necessary measure of social support of the populationare benefits. A certain set of privileges is provided for each category of citizens. What privileges are put to veterans of labor and who belongs to this category of people?

What privileges are put to veterans of labor

Veterans of Labor

The title is awarded to a citizen if he meets the following requirements:

  • labor activity began during the Second World War and for this period the citizen did not come of age;
  • the woman's experience is 35 years, and the man's experience is 40 years (minimum);
  • if the citizen has various awards, honorary titles received for labor merit.

It also takes into account the type of work on which the citizen was engaged before retirement. Proceeding from this, it is determined, what privileges are put to the veteran of work and in what size.

What privileges are put to the veteran of work

Federal benefits

All the privileges laid down by labor veterans are prescribed in Article 22 of the Federal Law "On Veterans". It says that all labor veterans have the following rights:

  • free to travel on any mode of transport, not only in the city, but also on suburban and intercity routes, regardless of the place of residence of the veteran;
  • receive compensation for utility payments of 50% (gas, water, electricity, garbage collection, television).

The federal program also identified whichprivileges are put to veterans of labor in medical institutions of state type. By law, every veteran has the right to free dental prosthetics, except for prostheses of cermets, precious metals.

Regional benefits

In each region privileges for veterans of labor are established. For this category of citizens there are:

  • city ​​monthly surcharges to pensions, if those are not provided from the federal budget;
  • the possibility of receiving subsidies for medicines;
  • the opportunity to buy goods at a discount;
  • partially or fully paid trip to the sanatorium.

In each region is determined individually, what privileges are put to veterans of labor.

What benefits are laid for retired veterans of labor

If the pensioner continues to work, but at the same time he was granted the status of a labor veteran, then his employer is obliged to provide the following benefits:

  1. The ability to choose a vacation time. Any attempt to refuse to choose the date of leave, referring to schedules and other motives, is considered illegal.
  2. A veteran has the right to take unpaid leave at any time, up to thirty days a year. In this case, a veteran is not required to coordinate leave with management.

The legislation specifies what benefits are putveterans of labor from the federal budget. However, regional types of discounts and privileges are set for each region individually. For example, in the Moscow region, it is possible to pay half the cost of a ticket for water transport, and in the Ryazan region, members of the veteran's family receive an additional discount for housing and communal services.

To find out what benefits are put to the labor veteran in a particular region, you need to turn to social protection at your place of residence. They will explain which types of privileges can be formalized.

Execution of benefits

To find out what benefits pensioners are entitled to work veterans, and submit documents for their registration, you can in social protection.

For registration you will need:

  • passport and its copy;
  • application for privileges;
  • SNILS;
  • a document confirming the status of a veteran of labor;
  • photos 3 x 4 - 2 pcs;
  • a document confirming the status of a pensioner.

Other documents may be needed. Their final list depends on the type of privileges being issued.

Knowing what benefits are allocated to federal veteranslabor and regional, citizens can claim not only discounts for housing and communal services, but also receive housing, free medical care in any public clinic.

What benefits are allocated to the federal labor veterans

Benefits for housing and communal services

Veterans of labor have the right to issue benefits for housing and communal services. This can be done through social protection. To obtain privileges, you must:

  1. Apply for a discount on utility bills.
  2. Provide a passport and documents confirming the status of a labor veteran.
  3. Provide documents on the amount of expenses for utility payments.
  4. Wait for an answer to social protection.
  5. Receive a payment to the bank account specified in the application.

Veterans of Labor have an additional listprivileges, since they are also ordinary pensioners. Consequently, a citizen has the full right not to pay taxes on property, get a tax exemption for transport tax. If a pensioner buys a home, the tax returns it to a fifth of its value, dividing the amount into monthly payments.

By law, every pensioner has the right togasification of housing with a discount or with compensation for costs. Regional privileges can provide pensioners with fuel, food, clothing, and medicines.

In each region, labor veterans receive assistance from the local budget. The citizen himself chooses what privileges he needs and which ones he does not. All this is indicated in the application for benefits.