Production instruction

The production instruction is a provision,which reflects the whole range of relations between the employee of the organization and the products produced by him, as well as the technical work that takes place at the enterprise. For an individual specialist, an individual statutory normative act is developed. All the clauses of this provision take into account the numerous aspects of the technological process. With the increase in the amount of complex and dangerous factors, the production instruction reflects an increasing number of regulatory and legal documents.

Position positions are universal anddo not have a certain standard standard. The production instruction, in connection with the fact that it is based on a large number of legislative acts, does not allow to deviate in the descriptions of technological processes. Documents used in the development of job positions for various specialties regulate the professional actions of employees. These functions are reflected in the form of production behavior, which, in turn, is formalized in the form of a production instruction. The main purpose of this document is:

- illumination of detailed instructions and rules for working with mechanical stationary systems, having starting and setting both manual and automatic;

- Establishment of requirements concerning the size of the workload for each particular profession;

- determination of the overall level of vibration;

- indication of the magnitude of the thermal impact, which is calculated on the basis of their pores of the year, as well as the duration of this influence, etc.

The production instruction reflects one of theessential factors of the production process - the severity of work. It is determined on the basis of knowledge of the mass of goods that need to be lifted and moved manually. To calculate the severity of professional activity, it is necessary to determine the dynamic load produced on the worker's organism during one shift. The unit of measurement for this indicator is kilograms. The severity of the work process is determined for those employees who are engaged in physical activity.

The production instruction prescribes the rightemployees for professional activities in compliance with the conditions that meet the requirements for labor protection. According to the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, employees are guaranteed state guarantees. At the same time, the employer is obligated to ensure safe conditions and compliance with labor protection requirements. The RF CC prescribes the need for control and state supervision over the execution of all prescriptive actions. At the same time, this legislative act also establishes responsibility for violations of all requirements relating to production relations. These provisions are reflected in the job descriptions of specialists.

Production regulations reflectminimum standards that are intended to provide employees with overalls and footwear, as well as individual means of protection. This provision is mandatory for safe working conditions and must not be violated by either the employer or the employee.

Job descriptions can serve as attachmentsto employment contracts. At the same time, they can be approved as a separate document. Those who make job descriptions (usually these functions are entrusted to the personnel department of the enterprise) have the right to seek professional advice. In the work it is possible to use also numerous standard documents. So, on the basis of the labor agreement and in full accordance with the Labor Code of the Russian Federation and other legislative acts that regulate legal relations in the world of work, the job description of the foreman and worker, master and economist, director and chief accountant, etc. is drawn up.