The survivor's pension for the wife of the deceased: how to apply? Size of pennsia

So, today we will be interested in the pension forthe loss of a breadwinner to the wife of the deceased. People are not eternal. And often husbands die, leaving their wives without means of subsistence. The state of the Russian Federation provides assistance to spouses in such a situation. But how to properly issue a survivor's pension? What do you need to know about these payments? What should I look for first? All the features of pensions for the loss of a single breadwinner is worth knowing in advance. After all, not only wives have the right to this payment.

survivor's pension


So, who is able to receive our current type of support? The thing is that many categories of citizens have the right to these payments. Among the applicants for survivor's pension are:

  • wives;
  • children;
  • husbands;
  • parents;
  • wives of servicemen;
  • other persons who are dependent on the deceased.

You can see that the list is very extensive. In practice, most often a survivor's pension is payable to the wife of the deceased, and also to the children. To be honest, in Russia there are several types of our current support.

Types of survivor's pensions

As already mentioned, the survivor's pensioncan be different. Depending on its type, a certain amount of money will be paid directly from the state. In Russia, there are pensions:

  • social;
  • state;
  • insurance.

True, it is worth noting that not all categories of personshave the right to certain types of state support when the only survivor in the family dies. Before you make out the documents for the corresponding payments, you need to find out in which cases the wife is entitled to them.

Insurance pension

Insurance pension is a payment from the sideThe state, which is put to all disabled members of the deceased's family. The most common scenario. Wives have the full right to this monetary aid. But only if they are recognized as incapacitated. It does not matter for what reason the loss of self-sufficiency occurred.

survivor's pension for the deceased serviceman's wife

If the wife is already recognized by ageincapacitated, she is assigned an insurance pension for the loss of the bread-winner. Also considered are the options under which this payment is made to the disabled. Important: the citizen must be dependent. True, there are some exceptions.

Exceptions for insurance pensions

The survivor's pension for the deceased's wife isnot only when the person is disabled. On insurance payments under certain circumstances have the right of the spouse, regardless of whether they were on a dependent or not.

Modern Russian legislationindicates that this material support is claimed by the spouses who provide care for minor children, brothers and sisters of the deceased. These rules are specified in Federal Law No. 400 "On Insurance Pensions".

It is important to remember - this kind of supporton the part of the state it is laid only until the minor, for whom care is taken, will not reach 14 years. After the insurance pension for the loss of the breadwinner wife will not be paid.

Government payments

The next variant of development of events does not occurso it is rare. It is about state types of material support. As a rule, this kind of compensation is given to wives and dependent relatives if the deceased held some high-ranking position. More precisely, then:

  • the survivor's pension for the serviceman's wife is paid by the state;
  • payments are made to citizens who are victims of man-made or radiation accidents;
  • wives of astronauts who died in the performance of their duties or in preparation for flights.

It is also worth noting that these payments havethe right of the spouse, whose breadwinner served during life in the bodies of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. This is not all features of state pensions. Regardless of their ability to work, the wives of servicemen have the right to material support if their husbands are killed as a result of military service on conscription. But only when the widows did not remarry. In such circumstances, the right to payment is maintained until the woman reaches the age of 55 years. Or as long as the widow does not remarry.

survivor's pension for the deceased's wife

By the way, the survivor's pension for the deceased's wifeA soldier is also entitled to care for a child, brother, sister of the deceased, if the members of the family are under 14 years old. It does not matter whether the woman is able to work or not.

Social support

The next type of pensions for loss of a single breadwinner is social benefits. They are least common in Russia. It is paid when the deceased has no insurance record.

Also, the social pension for the survivor's wifea deceased policeman or any other working citizen is entitled if the woman has been found to be incapacitated. This rule applies to all disabled members of the deceased's family.

Pay attention: state and insurance pensions are put only when it comes to relatives (in our case wives) who do not have criminal convictions.

Preparation of documents

You are interested in the survivor's pensionthe deceased? Terms of assigning appropriate payments are clear. Now we should pay attention to what documents a woman should bring to be assigned state support of one type or another. Paper red tape is serious. But, as practice shows, usually with the collection of documents there are no problems. Among the required securities are:

  • application for the appointment of a pension (indicating the type of payments);
  • identity card of the applicant (passport);
  • documents confirming citizenship (in the case of a passport, no additional papers are needed);
  • a certificate of the death of her husband;
  • documents confirming the work experience of the deceased spouse (insurance pension);
  • references indicating the age of the deceased (it is better to bring his passport);
  • certificate of marriage;
  • SNILS applicant;
  • account details, to which to transfer money;
  • the work book of the deceased;
  • power of attorney (if the wife does not herself contact the appropriate authorities).

This is a mandatory list, which is necessary forregistration of our today's payments. However, in some cases it will be necessary to present additional papers in addition. They are attached to the application along with the copies.

survivor's pension for the wife and children of the deceased

Military and Ministry of Internal Affairs

The survivor's pension for the deceased's wife (MIA -the place of work of an employee, and also the rules concern servicemen) with the above list is not assigned. After all, all this is not enough. Such widows must necessarily bring:

  • military coupons;
  • any information that can confirm the presence of the deceased in execution (in the status of a policeman, an officer of the Ministry of Internal Affairs or a military officer).
  • documents confirming and establishing the fact and cause of death;
  • conclusions with a cause-effect relationship of death, directly related to injuries or incidents that the spouse suffered while performing.
  • certificates of the widow's lack of new formalized relations.

Additional Help

Survivor's pension for the deceased's wifepensioner of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (and not only) will be put state. In addition to the documents listed above, the widow must bring, depending on the specific situation, a certain list of certificates and extracts. This should include:

  • the pension certificate (the husband and the husband, if it is a question of pensioners);
  • information on the dependent incapacitated spouse;
  • any documents indicating the loss of a single source of income.


How to make a pension for the survivor's wifethe deceased? Documents listed earlier should be collected, made copies of them and attached to the application for state support. But these are all cases in which a citizen died, and the fact of his death was established.

survivor's pension

Only it happens that people are lost. Or die either in the line of duty, but the bodies of the deceased are never found. In this case, pension payments for wives and other dependents are not canceled. Just have a little wait and attach to the application for the relevant payment of certain documents.

What is it about? If the only breadwinner in the family disappeared, then the wife should be legally recognized as a spouse, either missing or dead. As soon as this is done, a relevant judicial opinion is issued. His copy and the original widow must be presented at the time of registration of pension payments.

Where to go

The survivor's pension for the wife and children of the deceased,as well as to other dependents, is charged in certain bodies. Where it is necessary to address the person who needs the application? Now there are several options for the development of events. Citizens with the above list of documents should contact:

  • The pension fund of the district in which the dependent is residing.
  • Russian Pension Fund.
  • FSS.
  • MFC.

Where to go, there is not much difference. Nevertheless, it is customary with the application and documents to come to the FIU. There you will be most quickly paid. Also, applying to pension funds is the fastest method of obtaining and appointing pensions.

Calculation rules

This is not all the features that should be followed.know. What is the size of the survivor's pension for the deceased's wife? It is very difficult to name the exact amount. After all, much depends on the length of service of the deceased "breadwinner." There is a special formula for calculating reimbursable payments. It has the following form: S = K / (M * H) / KN + BF, where:

  • S is the amount of payment.
  • К - the amount of money on the pension account of the deceased at the time of death.
  • M - the months in which the pension was paid (228 months from 2013, if the person did not reach the retirement age).
  • Н - the sum received from division of all deductions in ПФР on 180.
  • KN - the number of dependents.
  • BR - the basic size of the survivor's pension.
    survivor's pension

As you can see, self-imposed monetarypayments are difficult to calculate. Therefore, the exact information should be found in the Pension Fund. Much depends on the region of your residence. The thing is that the amount of the stipulated payments can not be less than the subsistence minimum in this or that area. This is another factor that causes difficulties in the calculations.

Settlements for insurance pensions

A huge role in all payments is played bycalled insurance pension. Therefore, it must be able to count. It is very difficult to do this independently. Especially if you do not follow the latest changes in the legislation. What is the pension for the loss of a breadwinner for the wife of a deceased military pensioner? The formula for calculating the insurance premium is as follows: PS = PC * SK, where:

  • PS - the amount of insurance material support.
  • PC - the pension coefficient of the breadwinner.
  • SK - the cost of one factor.

This monetary compensation is established foreach disabled family member of a citizen. The main problem is the constant change in the cost of the coefficients of work. You should find out information about this indicator in your city right before applying for state support. Otherwise, you can easily make a mistake in the calculations.

For wives of servicemen

Separate attention is required by the survivor's pension for the wife of the deceased serviceman. The thing is that the amount of payments in this case will depend on the reason for the death of the widow's husband.

If it is a case of cases in which there wasmilitary trauma, the monetary compensation will be 200% of the social payment. If death occurs due to illness received during the execution of military obligations, then the money is put to the wife at a rate of 150%.

It is also worth noting that to the insurance pensionwives are given a certain extra charge. It amounts to 2,279 rubles and 47 kopecks from February 1, 2016. This payment is made for every disabled member of the deceased's family. It is assigned to all applicants for payments on the occasion of the death of the only "earner".

survivor's pension

The size of social pensions

The last point is what socialthe survivor's pension for the death of the breadwinner is laid. It is expressed in a fixed amount and is charged monthly. This monetary compensation can not be less than the subsistence minimum of pensioners.

In 2016, the average for the regions establishedsocial payment on the loss of the bread-winner in the range of 8,500-8,600 rubles. The exact information you need to know in your region at the time of charging. Now it is clear what is the pension for the loss of a breadwinner for the wife of the deceased. How to apply for this payment? This is also no longer a mystery. It is possible to realize the idea very quickly, it is enough to collect a certain list of documents.