Introductory briefing and protection of labor protection

Introductory briefing is the minimum requiredcoaching, conducted with all employees recruited, irrespective of their length of service in this profession, education and position (including seconded and temporary employees).

induction training
Also this briefing is conducted with studentsand students before starting a production practice or a laboratory workshop. Newly recruited staff receive all the necessary knowledge to ensure safety in the workplace. Introductory briefing should be conducted by a safety engineer. Every employee has the right to work in conditions of safety, cleanliness, illumination and decent payment of his labor.

What is the need for an introductory briefing on labor protection?

Statistics show that90% of industrial injuries and injuries are due to carelessness and negligence of the worker. The most important tasks of the employee are knowledge and observance of labor protection rules, including norms of industrial sanitation. In order for the work to be safe and harmless for the employee, an introductory instruction and familiarization with its rules and requirements is necessary.

The main list of briefing questions:

  • Necessary information about the organization, enterprise or production.
  • Features characterizing the production.
  • The main provisions of the legislation on labor protection.
  • Compensation and benefits.
  • induction training on labor protection
    Rules of the labor internal routine at work and distribution of responsibility for violation of rules and regulations.
  • Organization of all necessary measures for occupational safety at work and conducting the necessary briefings (including introductory instruction).
  • Supervision of state and departmental organizations, as well as public attention for the state of labor protection.
  • General rules of conduct of employees on the territory of the organization, as well as in production, storage and auxiliary premises.
  • Placement of the main workshops, services, warehouses and auxiliary premises.
  • The list of harmful and dangerous production factors characteristic of this production.
  • Means and methods of preventing injuries in the workplace, accidents and diseases (professional). The presence of fences, PPE (personal protective equipment), signs, posters and alarms.
  • introductory fire-fighting briefing
    The main list of requirements for injury prevention.
  • The basic list of requirements for industrial and personal sanitation. PPE, the order and form of their issuance, the terms of the socks.
  • The causes and circumstances of work-related injuries,explosions, sudden accidents and fires, which occurred due to non-compliance with safety regulations. Registration and procedure for investigating an accident that occurred in production.
  • Basic methods and methods for preventing explosions, fires and accidents.
  • Organization of workers' actions in emergency situations.
  • Ways of rendering the first aid to the victim before the arrival of doctors.

Introductory firefighting instruction should be conducted for all employees of the organization to prevent fire and fire in production premises.