What is a social pension?

Social pension is one of the typesstate support. Such payments can be claimed by those citizens who, for one reason or another, could not acquire the right to a labor pension, but nevertheless need current income. What is a social pension? Who can claim it? How to apply for state aid? All these questions are of interest to many.

Social pension: a bit of history

social pension

In fact, this type of payment is veryancient history. At first social pension was considered something like a privilege or a reward. It is known that demobilized Roman legionaries had the right to receive regular payments - this emphasized their importance and demonstrated to the public great merits before the country.

But over time, state payments were purchasedsocial character. And for the first time the pension was approved more than a century ago in Germany. In 1908, a social pension appeared in other countries, particularly in Australia and the United Kingdom. The US government for the first time introduced a law on such state provision in about the 30s of the 20th century. In Russia, payments to older people appeared only in 1956.

Who can claim a social pension?

social pension in Moscow

Of course, not every citizen hasthe right to receive such payments. As already mentioned, a social pension is granted to those persons who for one reason or another are unable to receive labor payments. Below are the categories of people who can apply for a pension:

  • First of all, it should be noted that children with disabilities are obliged to receive state aid.
  • In addition, adults can be eligible for the payment, which refers to the disabled first, second or third group.
  • Men who have reached the age of 65, as well as women older than 60 years.
  • There is also such a thing as a social pension forloss of a bread-winner. This implies that state aid is provided to children under the age of 18 who have lost one or two parents. In addition, the period of payment can last up to 23 years, if the child is on-campus in an educational institution.

Naturally, in order to receive state aid, it is necessary to provide the necessary information to social services.

Social pension: what documents are needed for its registration?

social pension on loss of the supporter

In order to arrange social assistance, you needcontact the local social protection office. Here you will be told what documents are needed to apply. An obligatory document is a passport. It is also necessary to provide a certificate of residence and family composition.

When submitting documents in connection with a disability,it is also necessary to provide a doctor's opinion about the state of health. If a social pension is needed after the loss of the breadwinner, then the social service should also file a death certificate of the parent (parents or guardians), confirm the identity of the official guardians (if the child is not 18 years old). If the child is on in-patient training, then confirmation from the school is necessary.

As for the amount of state aid,they are determined individually, depending on the reasons and conditions of residence. In addition, the size of the subsistence minimum is taken into account. Thus, the social pension in Moscow can be much larger than the state aid in any other city.

After the submission of documents is a thorough check, and only then begin the first accrual.