Necessary measures for occupational safety at work

The issue of occupational safety at work is very important. For successful operation of the enterprise it is necessary to develop measures for labor protection. The experience of world-class companies shows that the health of workers needs to be given due attention. According to the law, organizations that have more than 100 employees require the creation of a labor protection service. Such service is engaged in forecasting, coordination, planning and control of the safety of employees. Activities on labor protection are determined based on common tasks:

- A set of developed tools and measuressafety of work should correspond to the possible degree of risk, and also comply with legal acts of a legal nature and with the legislation of the Russian Federation.

- Technical conditions and safety measures are notshould prevent personnel from performing production tasks. However, it is impossible to organize such a process to the full extent because of certain inconveniences when using methods and means of security.

- The tools and methods used must be fullyExclude the danger of the work process of the personnel of the enterprise. Therefore, the planning of measures for labor protection implies additional measures (organizational and technical), as well as strict control over their implementation.

Successful implementation of the objectives presented dependson how correctly developed measures for labor protection. The labor protection policy has a direction to ensure the life and health of personnel. Such issues have priority over the results of production activities.

Planning of labor protection measures

There are three types: promising, annual, operational.

Planning perspective implies the development of comprehensive measures to improve the conditions for the fulfillment of the tasks of production. Preliminary analysis of the state of the workplace, the conditions for the fulfillment of production tasks.

Annual planning. The base basis is complex long-range planning.

Operational planning is carried out in process of occurrence of those or other problems.

Occupational safety and health measures

The responsibility for ensuring the necessary safe conditions in the workplace lies entirely with the heads of enterprises. The security measures developed include the following:

- Definition of the list of professions and jobs requiring medical (preliminary and periodic) inspection of personnel.

- Definition of the list of works with severe working conditions, which are prohibited for persons under 21 and women of childbearing period.

- Familiarization of the employee in the workplace with working conditions, a possible risk to his health.

- Familiarization with the job description, requirements for labor protection, possible benefits and compensation.

- Definition of the list of professions, works that do not require instruction (primary).

- Definition of activities related to the increased requirement of labor security.

- Familiarization of specialized employees with conditions of work conditions at the facility, personal protective equipment, job duties.

- Development of instructions (production, labor protection), familiarization with personnel.

- Development of a list of professions, works with the use of personal protective equipment, detergents. Exercising control over execution.

- If necessary, provide assistance to the victim (deliver to a medical facility, report an accident at the designated address).

- Development of measures to prevent accidents. Improvement of working conditions.

- Certification of work places.

- Providing workers with sanitary facilities in accordance with the specifics of production.

Activities on labor protection at the enterprise, developed in accordance with the law, will allow the enterprise to organize safe conditions for its employees.