TV car: types and top of the best

Not always a long trip is able to deliverpleasure. At the same time, not only the driver, but also the passengers are exhausted. Music bothers, like the same landscapes outside the window. Relax on the road and a long parking lot is called to help the car TV. A small device will help to save nerves in traffic jams and stay abreast of the latest news. As a rule, all necessary accessories are included, including the car's antenna for the TV. Therefore, you do not have to buy anything separately.

car television


The car TV differs by several criteria. You should understand them before buying a device.

  • Standard.A small car TV, which is located on the dashboard. It can be powered either from 12 V or from 220 V. In the second case additional batteries are used. An aerial car for a TV is most often built into the case.
  • Built-in. Such TVs are mounted in headrests, protective visors and so on. They are small in size and are powered by a car battery.
  • Ceiling. The TV car in this case, as you might guess, is installed in the ceiling of the car. It is characterized by a wide viewing angle and compact dimensions.

In addition to the species presented, there are several more,but they are not very popular with motorists. You can often find a car digital TV, which, in addition to its primary task, performs some other. For example, there are models with a navigator. They will not only be pleasant, but also useful. Thanks to the large display it is much more comfortable to monitor the map. Car TV, the price for which starts from 2000 rubles, can be purchased at any electronics store.


car antenna for TV

We dealt with existing speciescar TVs. Now let's look at the basic rules when choosing such a device. Today, this process is complicated by a huge number of manufacturers who are trying to impose their products. In order not to buy useless goods, follow the following rules:

  • determine the dimensions. It should be based on the spaciousness of the car;
  • select a model with a built-in tuner. Pay special attention to the reception range;
  • determine the interfaces for the connection.


So, now you are familiar with the types of automotiveTV sets and basic rules that will help in choosing. It's time to consider several models that received positive reviews of car enthusiasts in 2016.

PhantomDTV 700B

A small car TV, has a goodA set of delivery and a set of necessary interfaces. A 7-inch 16: 9 matrix is ​​used to output the image. There are built-in speakers that provide good sound. To switch TV channels, you can use the buttons on the case or the remote control. Powered by a cigarette lighter. In addition, there is a built-in battery, which provides autonomy for 2 hours. It features high viewing angles, the image does not "blur" in the sun. However, the clarity of the picture is not the highest, which can be attributed to the shortcomings of this model.


car digital TV

Compact car TV.I got a lot of advantages. The first plus, which will please many car enthusiasts, is the ability to install on any surface. You can not bypass the option of watching movies with a DVD-drive. For even greater convenience, the manufacturer has added a USB input, allowing the use of memory cards. The screen diagonal is 10 inches, resolution is -852 x 480 pixels. This, by the way, is the main drawback of the model. The output image is not very detailed and bright. But the sound is worthy of praise.


car tv-set price

A popular model with a built-in TV tuner.Produced by Chinese craftsmen, which indicates a low quality of assembly and affordable price. Comes with a decent bundle, has all the necessary outputs and a connector for an external antenna. For compactness, a small display is installed, the diagonal of which is 7 inches. Like many competitive models, it received a low resolution of 800 x 600 pixels. However, the granularity is noticeable only after careful consideration. The control is carried out via the remote control. I got good speakers, which provide good sound.