Smart watches Sony: review, specifications. Clever watch Sony SmartWatch 2: prices and reviews

New smart watches "Sony" - this is not a luxury item,but a very versatile device. It can work even separately from the smartphone. First of all, it should be noted a lot of applications that the company "Sony" installs on the clock. In addition, the user can upload music and listen to it.

Also, the watch has a lot of sensors, sofor jogging they fit well. Processors in almost all models are installed quite powerful. In this case, the touch panels are not large, but very convenient. Operating systems company "Sony" offers "Android Vir". The protection is provided by the standard ИП68. Diagonal displays for different models differ, and the resolution is on average 320 320 pixels. Of the additional functions, you can separately select voice control.

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Overview of the "Smart 2"

Many buyers smart watches Sony SmartWatch 2choose for multi-core. In this case, the device clock frequency parameter is as much as 1200 MHz. Thanks to this, various applications are very comfortable to use. Music smart watches Sony SW2 play a variety of formats. The strap for this model is used metal. The body itself is made quite durable. If necessary, the strap can be disconnected.

Operating system by Sonypresented "Android View". The diagonal of the display in this case is 1.6 inches at a resolution of 320 by 320 pixels. On the functional part, these watches are able to boast of a multitude of sensors. Voice control is available. Also it is possible to choose music conveniently, and there are smart watches Sony SmartWatch 2 on the market about 14 thousand rbl.

Characteristics of the watch "Smart 3"

Clever watches Sony SmartWatch 3 are convenientinterface. From the entire line of models they are the most in demand today. First of all, this is due to high performance. In addition, the company "Sony" took into account all the shortcomings of previous modifications. They were mainly connected with the management of applications.

In addition, many buyers leftnegative feedback due to a weak battery, which is a maximum of 30 hours. In this case, in the offline mode, the clock is capable of operating for about 48 hours. The amount of RAM in the model is 512 MB. For many programs this is enough. Of the sensors should be noted compass, as well as an accelerometer. Thus, in the hike smart watches Sony SmartWatch 3 will be very useful. This model will be on the market for exactly 15 thousand rubles.

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Reviews of the model "Sony WR50"

The specified clever Sony watch by its parametersslightly worse than the previous model, but they have their admirers. The operating system is used as standard "Android VIR", but the clock frequency hardly reaches 1000 MHz. The protection system specified Sony watches possess IP68. The screen diagonal is 1.6 inches. In management they are quite simple. Touchscreen display manufacturer provides a capacitive type.

With applications, the specified clock can workvarious. Of the distinctive features should be noted remote control of music. You can accept and reject calls at the same time. Blutuz in this model is used version 4.0, and the device has 340 MB of RAM. Standing hours on the market are about 13,300 rubles.

Characteristics of the model "Smart 1"

The bluetooth series "Smart" watches use version 3.0.The screen diagonal is exactly 1.6 inches at a resolution of 220 by 176 pixels. The strap included in the kit includes a metal strap. The operating system is applied "Android", and methods of notification are provided only with vibration. You can receive SMS, as well as email notifications. At full charge of the battery, the watch can work for about 4 hours. Dimensions of this model has the following: height - 42 mm, width - 41 mm with a thickness of 9 mm, and the weight of the given clock equals 122 g. The protection system, which is installed, against impacts, and also humidity helps. The data of the "Smart" series are on the market exactly 13 thousand rubles.

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Watch "Sony MN2"

Many buyers of these smart watches Sony choose forcompactness. At the same time, the characteristics of this model are quite impressive. In particular, we can note the high clock speed of the device at 1200 MHz. This is largely due to the powerful quad-core processor, which is installed in the clock. The manufacturer's battery capacity is 420 mAh. This is quite enough for the clock to work quietly in the autonomous mode for about 45 hours. The gyroscope and the accelerometer are shown from the sensors in this model. Of the additional functions, you can note a pedometer. This model stands on the market exactly 14 thousand rubles.

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Watch "Sony Smart Fifa"

These smart watches are Sony's great demandEnjoy because of its user-friendly interface. However, they also have shortcomings. First of all it is necessary to note the problem player. Also note that not all music formats are played by the device. Use different programs with the help of the clock can be at high speed.

In addition, it is possible to receivee-mails by mail. From the notification methods there are both sound signal and vibration. The screen resolution for this model is 320 by 320 pixels. In general, the color display looks very nice, and many buyers will like it. On the market for these clever watches Sony on average ask for 15 thousand rubles.

The new model in the market "Smart SW5"

With smartphone smart wrist watch "Smart SW5"can connect via Bluetooth version 3.0. The screen diagonal in this case is 1.6 inches at a resolution of 220 by 176 pixels. The touch screen breaks quite infrequently and is controlled correctly. As an operating system, the manufacturer provides "Android." Sound notification in these hours is absent, and there is only vibration.

In addition, it should be borne in mind that the strap inThe kit is made of rubber and feels very soft to the touch. In turn, the hull manufacturer produces a variety of colors. The capacity of the battery in the hours is 230 mAh, which is enough for about 45 hours. As a result, we can say that this model is well suited for active people who are looking for a compact device for communication in social networks. Standing in the market for the specified clock is 14,400 rubles.

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Watches WR10

These smart watches reviews deserve onlypositive. Many buyers choose this model because of the capacitive battery. On a charged battery, the watch is capable of operating an autonomous mode of operation for a period of 45 hours. The built-in memory of the device is 500 MB. Connection with the smartphone is provided through bluetooth version 4.0. In general, the interface is quite nice. Customize the application the user has the ability to fit his needs.

Additionally, many buyers are positiveSpeak about the player for listening to music tracks. Strap in the standard set is made of metal and is quite strong. If necessary, you can remove it yourself. The processor uses four-core clock. The device can support the maximum frequency at 1200 MHz. The protection system is designed for high humidity, and the price for this model fluctuates around 13500 rubles.

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Features of the Sony WR25

These smart watch reviews are positive.This model is ideal for users to listen to music through the player. Also a person has the opportunity to communicate with friends through social networks. Additionally, you can receive messages via an e-mail box. With performance, this model is excellent. Of the disadvantages, it should be noted a small screen, which in this case is set to 1.5 inches.

Also, some have certain problemswith device management. This is due to the features of the touch screen. In this case, it should be noted that these hours are quite sensitive and do not allow any strikes. You also need to be careful in rainy weather. This modification is worth about 14 thousand rubles on the market.

Watch "Sony SW6": characteristics and price

Reviews about this model are very diverse.In a greater mass they are positive. It is connected with the fact that the clock is pretty simple to set up, and even a child can cope with them. Among other things, it should be noted a lot of programs that are downloaded to the device. Among them, you can select a convenient calendar, as well as an alarm clock. Additionally, the user can easily send emails.

Of the shortcomings, many note the absencespeakers. Thus, when receiving notifications, the user will only be able to feel the vibration. In some cases, an important message can be omitted. The touch screen, in turn, is quite comfortable and on the touch it reacts instantly. The battery is installed in a capacitive and can recharge for about 55 hours without recharging. These smart watches (the market price) cost about 14 thousand rubles.

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Summing up, it should be noted that the company"Sony" is pretty much advanced in making watches for users. Certain deficiencies still exist in them, and this should be taken into account. If you choose a simple model, you can stop on the watch "Smart 2". However, the characteristics of the modification of "Smart 3" significantly exceeds them. As a result, the final choice of the model remains with the buyer.