"Intelligent" watch GT08: review, specifications, description and reviews of the owners

The segment of portable electronics in the first stagesits becoming was available to people, at least, having average prosperity. Even entry-level devices did not anticipate low prices due to the complexity of the technical stuffing. In addition, to approach the development of such gadgets could only large companies, including Apple, Samsung, Sony. Actually, these brands even today set the fashion for products of this kind, outrunning any beginnings of competitors. Nevertheless, a niche of affordable electronics could not long be empty, and nowadays in the market you can find many interesting options from Chinese manufacturers. These proposals include smart watches Smart Watch GT08. Reviews of the performance and functionality of this model, of course, do not go in comparison with the impressions of the original branded products. However, the low cost within 5-7 thousand rubles. reconciles many owners with shortcomings of the device and its average quality.

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General information about the gadget

Despite the modest size of the "smart" clock asthey are able to provide a huge range of options. Among them: the functions of a scheduling manager, a mobile phone, an alarm clock with a timer, a fitness tracker, etc. Typically, branded products combine a full range of similar features, and the same Chinese counterparts can only be satisfied with basic applications. And in this sense Smart Watch GT08 "smart" clock has made a significant step forward, as their owner for a small price gets almost the full range of functions that supports portable electronics in recent versions.

By and large, this was facilitated by the introduction ofwireless module, thanks to which the gadget allows the owner to use it as a headset for making calls and sending SMS. Of course, even here everything is not all smooth, but the main opportunities for this type of communication model are provided on a par with competitors of a higher class.


Declared technical and operational indicatorsmodels distinguish it against the background of analogues manufactured in the Middle Kingdom, but not so much inferior to the parameters of "apple" devices. In any case, we can talk about a good combination of price tag and performance, which provides a "smart" clock GT08. Overview of the characteristics of the model can be represented thus:

  • The processor is MTK6260A.
  • Screen parameters - matrix TFT with a resolution of 240 x 240.
  • Data transmission channels of the gadget are EDGE and GPRS.
  • Memory - built-in 128 MB, which can be supplemented with a microSD card.
  • The camera implementation is 0.3 Mp module.
  • The battery is a lithium-ion cell with a capacity of 350 mAh.
  • Weight - 62 g.
  • Dimensions - 49 x 43 x 11 mm.

In addition, the device provides widecompatibility with other electronics. And the creators realized for this quite effective configuration, allowing to reduce the technology of Android and Bluetooth. The only downside in communication functions is that the "smart" clock GT08 is not able to work with devices based on iOS. There are also some risks when performing firmware on the MIUI platform.

smart watch smart watch gt08 reviews

Design and ergonomics

Chinese manufacturers, not being able toto provide their gadgets with high-performance technical stuffing, traditionally they want to pay special attention to external execution. In this case, a good hardware part and original design are used. Moreover, the watch is not just beautiful looking, but also distinguished by a quality assembly. The absence of backlashes, creaks and gaps is a pleasant surprise for those who focus on the budget segment.

In many respects, quality execution became possiblethanks to well-selected materials. In addition to the plastic that represents the base of the case, the "smart" GT08 watch also received a glass display panel and aluminum inserts on the sides. As a result, a very attractive look was formed, according to which one can not say that the model belongs to the lower class. As for ergonomics and management, everything here is simple and minimalistic. Of the functional elements on the body provided only one button in the form of a wheel, which, however, rather performs a decorative function.

smart watch smart watch gt08

Main functions

The basic set of functions includes a pedometer, an alarm clockand a calendar. Of course, the clock performs and its primary task - the display of time. And the choice of the user is offered several formats of the digital dial. The calendar is simple and understandable. You can assign notes and reminders to each date. I must say that, unlike other representatives of this class of portable electronics, the screen allows you to display a full calendar in such a way that there are no problems with its viewing. Also an artless alarm clock is executed - he is able to give calls and vibrate. "Smart" clock GT08 and a pedometer that can work in the background or run manually are provided. True, there are disputes about the accuracy of measurements in this device. According to some reports, the pedometer understates the figures by about 15%. At least, if we draw an analogy with models from original brand lines.

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Functions for cellular communication

The device can be used as aa full-blown Bluetooth headset when working with a smartphone. It is necessary to pay tribute to the Chinese developers, who provided maximum opportunities from this mode of communication. The user can not only receive and make calls through the wrist gadget, but also manage the address book, dial the number in digital format and even write an SMS followed by sending. However, it is not always convenient to use this option, despite the stability of the wireless connection, which is provided by smart watches Smart Watch GT08.

The instruction notes that the modeBluetooth-headset involves sending a call first to the clock, and then - to the smartphone. In some configurations, the circuit looks like this: the call arrives at the wrist, you can only answer via the phone, and for the conversation you should attach the gadget to your ear. That is, even for an experienced person such manipulations can bring a lot of trouble. The only thing that facilitates such actions is the possibility of installing a speakerphone, which will eliminate the need to bring the wrist to your ear.

smart clock gt08 reviews


Built-in programs for the most partare represented by various schedulers, instant messengers and fitness trackers. All the minuses of the Chinese origin of this development are most clearly revealed in this filling. Even the build quality and hardware do not cause as many negative reviews as the device gadget. For example, applications such as WeChat and QQ can only be started if the smart clock GT08 is equipped with a SIM card. As for fitness applications, their interface does not stand up to any criticism. But even if you discard this nuance, then full-fledged work with such programs will not work because of regular "flights" and reboots.

Camera Features

The device is provided with a rather weak matrixcamera, which has 0.3 MP. Again, low cost gadget, for which it is simply impossible to get a high-quality device in all senses. As a result, the user has to be content with a practically useless module for taking photos with a resolution of 640 x 480. Also, the possibility of video recording in 320 x 240 format is also provided. It is difficult to say who will use the Smart Watch GT08 smart clock for shooting with such parameters. By all modern standards, 0.3 MP cameras have no value. By the way, even auxiliary modules in smartphones are rarely equipped with matrices at 2 megapixels.

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Positive reviews about the device

Among the main positive points in theusers distinguish: ergonomics, a sufficiently high level of functionality and, of course, communication capabilities. The main advantage of the device can be called a connection with devices on the Android platform. But this is not all the advantages that Smart Watch GT08 "smart" watches possess. The reviews mark the rapid operation of the interface. Undemanding technical stuffing allows you to flexibly use the full potential of the device without delays and violations in third-party connections. Of course, this does not apply to specific nuances of gadget operation, which should be attributed to minuses.

Negative feedback

Chinese developers have sought to dothe most original product without borrowing "on the side". This applies to both hardware and software stuffing. And if in the first case the manufacturer as a whole has coped with the task in view, the quality of the applications has significantly spoiled the "smart" clock GT08. The reviews point out that it is simply impossible to use the majority of them. However, this does not apply to basic options, including a pedometer, a calendar and an alarm clock. Take to the minuses and the camera with an extremely low resolution. To date, electronics are increasingly equipped with similar modules, because in practice, they are useless.

smart clock gt08 review


There are many inexpensive models on the marketThe same type that have a striking design, an ergonomic interface and useful options. However, not all of them can be compared with the high level of functionality that smart watches "SmartWatch GT08" set. The reviews pay attention, first of all, to the possibility of using the gadget as a wireless headset for the phone. Of course, similar options have long become mandatory for portable electronics in different segments, but similar models costing less than 5 thousand rubles. while they are extremely rare. Another thing is that the user will have to pay for the implementation of such an opportunity with uselessness of the camera and embedded applications. Otherwise, the device is worthy of attention as an ergonomic, stylish and technologically advanced representative of the class of portable electronics of the new generation.