I'm Watch. Smart watch: I'm Watch. I'm Watch Smartwatch

The world's giants, which are launching on the market every dayvarious novelties of electronics, do everything possible to attract potential buyers. They connect home laptops with tablets and phones that you use on the street, develop flexible gadgets and glasses, allowing you to enjoy another reality in 3D, 4D and even 5D format. However, even despite the chasing of concerns for improving the functionality of smartphones, various promotions and promotional gifts, the public is a bit tired of the new products, almost identical to the flagship ones. Lovers of pampering themselves with exotic gadgets hawkish eyes are looking at the market for attractive and unordinary IT products.

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A new boom in the gadget market

Especially to attract the attention of the publicsome companies have taken test steps in the production of so-called smart watches. And, I must say, this was the best solution for the last few years. While Google and Apple are fighting tablets and laptops, Motorolla and Sony quietly released the wristwatch on the market, which connects to the consumer's smartphone. After these giants, other manufacturers joined in. Now the Italian company I "m SpA has become famous in the world market due to its novelty called I'm Watch.This is a pretty miniature gadget that is made in the form of a wrist watch.What is still attractive about this European product? Let's see.

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Brief description of the Italian novelty

Wrist watch I'm Watch is not justan accessory that rests comfortably on the hand of its owner. They are an indispensable companion to any model of smart phones. It is noteworthy that if similar products Motorolla and Sony worked in a duet exclusively with mobile devices on the Android platform, then the novelty of the Italian company is perfectly connected with all possible options. Smart watch I'm Watch perfectly integrates not only with well-known phones iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry OS, but also with quite rare devices on the bases of Symbian and Bada. And, of course, with the notorious Android.

i m watch smartwatch

What are the functions of the device?

Watch I'm Watch - smartwatch (which in translation fromEnglish means "smart clock"), which contains engineering design that allows you not only to learn about the time of day, but also to cope with other, more complex tasks, like:

1. Respond to incoming calls to a tethered phone. At the same time, it does not matter where the mobile device is located.

2. Read the received SMS messages.

3. View received e-mail.

4. Read publications on social networks (MySpace, Twitter, Facebook, etc.).

5. Learn the news on all kinds of sites and portals.

6. Communicate with subscribers recorded in the address book.

7. Recognize the weather.

8. Thanks to the built-in I "market" resource, there is an excellent opportunity to download all kinds of utilities to I'm Watch: for example, there are numerous games, books, applications for personalizing the device, etc. At the same time, gadget developers are constantly working on improvement and replenishment resource.

9. Enjoy your favorite music. With the help of a miniature device, it's easy to immerse yourself in the world of notes and rhythms: it's enough to select the application I "music installed in I'm Watch." This program allows you to perform many actions: search for favorite songs, download them and, of course, listen. makes the Italian gadget an excellent replacement for even miniature players, and the number of tracks (more than six million) will please even the notorious music lover.

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Appearance, size and interface

What are the characteristics of this miniature, but inThe same time is a very smart gadget? First, the size. The height of I'm Watch is 5.29 centimeters, the width is 4.06 centimeters, and the thickness is only 1 centimeter. Secondly, the maximum weight of the device does not exceed 70 grams. Materials from which the body and straps are made vary and depend on the collection, which are freely available in three: Color, Tech and Jewel. In total, three metals are used: aluminum, gold and silver. In this case, the shades of the straps are different.

On the body of the gadget there is a connector forheadphones and recharging, speaker and microphone. The device interface can be switched to the operating mode with one of several built-in languages, including Russian, Polish, Dutch, Chinese, English, Czech, Italian, French, Japanese, German, Spanish and Korean.

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Internal content

The filling of the Italian gadget is made up of a processorcalled Freescale IMX233. The screen size of the device diagonally is 1.54 inches or 3.91 centimeters. The display is created by TFT-technology and has a resolution of 200x200 pixels. The amount of internal memory is 4 GB, and RAM with random access (RAM) - from 64 MB to 128 MB. Of course, many are interested in the system that is installed in the gadget. For the convenience of management, a special version of the Android platform was developed, called i'm Droid 2. The battery installed in the I'm Watch device is rechargeable, and its capacity is 450 mAh. You can power the battery either using a USB cable, connecting a gadget and a computer, or using an adapter. If you do not use Bluetooth, then the smart device can work up to two days. If you activate this function, the time is halved. There is also an active mode I'm Watch. User reviews indicate that in this state the gadget works for about five hours.

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Important information

Most of the functions declared by the manufacturersmart hours requires an internet connection via Bluetooth. Therefore, before purchasing the device, you should make sure that your phone easily has the specified criterion. It will not be superfluous to check the support of the described function and from the mobile operator, whose services are used by the buyer: not every company has an Internet connection via Bluetooth. Also, not every version of the built-in smartphone operating system provides this mode. Do not forget that even though I'm Watch is a smart gadget, but without connecting to a smartphone, it will not work. The cost of the Italian device is different. The minimum price for a starter set of functions and a standard design is about two hundred and fifty American dollars.