How to shoot a video on a webcam using special programs

Communication between people, thanks to the Internet,has acquired new colors and capabilities. So, the popular Skype program allows you to make video calls, which are much cheaper than on the phone, and have their advantages. How pleasant it is to communicate with a friend, seeing his face! But sometimes you need to save the image from the camera. How to achieve this? It's pretty simple. Let's consider the whole process in order, how to shoot a video on a webcam with the help of special programs.

how to shoot a video on a web camera

Programs to help

To record video from a webcam, there arespecial programs. True, there are not so many of them, and they are not without flaws. But still, there is an option to choose the most qualitative of them. For example, the VirtulDub utility, which allows you to capture video, is suitable. True, it is English-speaking, but the sequence of actions is easily guessed, and this circumstance does not interfere with the work. The program is better to download from the official site. It will require installation on the computer.

How to make a video

shoot video on web camera

In order to shoot a video via a webcam,the VirtulDub program should be selected in the top panel "File" and press "Capture AVI". An image will now appear in the window. If it does not exist, you should manually find your camera in the "Device" tab. To fix a video, you need to find the "Set Capture File" in the "File" menu. You can use the F2 button. First you need to choose where the image will be saved, and give it a name. The camera should be pre-configured. To start recording the video, press the F5 button, and Esc to complete. It is convenient to follow the process in the menu located on the right side of the window.

You can see one more usefula program that tells you how to shoot a video on a webcam is ECap Unlike the previous one, it does not need to be preinstalled on a computer, and it is very easy to use. With her, you can take a picture or shoot a video. It starts from the desktop with a double click of the mouse. Then the program automatically selects devices for recording video and audio. In the tab, you can specify the number of cameras or microphones. To start recording, just press the "Play" button, to stop - a cross. The result is a video in WMV format. To create a photo, press the button in the form of a camera.

Instructions for the beginner

shoot video via web camera

In fact, the programs described above,allowing you to learn how to shoot a video on a webcam, are very simple. But there are several important nuances. Before recording, you need to study the selected utilities and camera properties. Then it should be connected via a USB connector to the computer, if it is not built into it. When the image is captured in the window, it is necessary to make sure that the person being photographed does not fall out of the frame. To get high-quality video, you need to install the light correctly. It should be three-point: background, go to the face of the object and from the opposite wall. The result is a small video. As a rule, even for a few seconds, it can have a lot of weight, about eighty MB. To reduce it, the file can be compressed. To do this, you need to convert it to MP4 format. A special program Any Video Converter is useful.

How to make special effects

A video is good.But you can improve the result. Very original will look like a video from a webcam with effects, such work will please friends. You can edit the finished video, add music, cut fragments. You can sprinkle the room with snow, finish the text, the national flag. At all will of your imagination and the capabilities of the selected software. It is appropriate that there will be animation, graphics, water effects.

video from web camera with effects

Will help create just beautiful or even funnyadd-on for the video clip program called ManyCam. It has a Russian-language interface and extensive opportunities for the use of special effects. And parameters such as saturation, brightness can be adjusted. You can even make a black and white image. Of the minuses - the program does not have free access. A more simplified version can be downloaded for free from the official website. Very curious is the program SplitCam. It allows you not only to shoot a video on a webcam, but also impose special effects on it. She has a lot of weight - 50 MB. The clip is saved in AVI format. The program WebCam Max is designed to impose on the video of various distortions. For example, you can change the object's eye in the video or create the illusion of burning. With it you can change the background. During communication on Skype, it will be enough to start the video instead of the camera - and your friend will get a picture, as if you are on a tropical island.

A few words to finish

Having considered the programs and methods described above,shoot a video on a webcam, you can create a video yourself. This ability allows not only to use the result for entertainment, but also useful. For example, to record from the camera lessons or participate in a videoconference. These functions are available both on a stationary computer and on a laptop.