Smart Watch Smart Watch SW007: reviews, descriptions, specifications

Modern technologies allow creatingoriginal smart watch Smart Watch SW007. The original model of such watches is equipped with fitness functions, a camera and a support function for the SIM card, easily synchronized with gadgets on the Android operating system.

Smart Watch SW007 can be used inAs a headset: a small display shows notifications of received messages. A slot for the micro-card is provided, support of 2G networks is possible. The gadget can be used as an addition to a cell phone, making calls and sending messages from it.


Looking at the Smart Watch SW007,that the smart watch case is completely metal. A distinctive feature of the gadget is the hands-free function. The convenience of this option was repeatedly noted in the reviews on the Smart Watch SW007.

The clock screen displays notifications, frequencywhose appearance can be customized. The gadget is equipped with a good camera, which allows you to shoot video and take a photo in the resolution of 3 MP. Despite their compact size, the watch is multi-functional and can replace a cell phone.

smart watch sw007 reviews

Smart watch functions Smart Watch

  1. Sending of notifications about missed calls.
  2. Player for playing music.
  3. SIM card slot.
  4. Quick synchronization with your smartphone.
  5. Sleep monitoring function.
  6. Special reminder.
  7. The clock is synced with gadgets on Android and iOS.
  8. Built-in calendar.
  9. Integrated calculator.
  10. Timer and stopwatch functions.
  11. Built-in alarm and clock functions.

Features of smart watches

In reviews on Smart Watch SW007 usersnote the attractive and original design of the gadget. The case is made of metal with plastic inserts. Laconic design allows you to wear watches with any clothes, without fear of mismatch.

smart watch smart watch

Appointment of the watch

In reviews on Smart Watch,that smart watches are a compact replacement smartphone with a wide range of functions. A small gadget will help to cope with any task in a situation where there is no possibility to fully use the smartphone.

High quality

Smart watches are made of the materials of the highestquality. Separately it is worth noting the high quality of the assembly - all the details are fitted tightly, nowhere are there any slots and play. The body is made of metal with the addition of glass elements.

smart watch sw007 review

Advantages of Smart Watch

In reviews on the Smart Watch SW007 is often mentionedsuch an unusual function as a reminder of motor activity, which includes a pedometer and a calorie counter. All data recorded by this function is broadcast to the smartphone and stored in a special application. Synchronization with a smartphone allows you to control its camera with a clock

It is worth noting the appearance of smart watches: the gadget body is completely metal, the durable and soft strap is made of high quality rubber. The model does not clamp the wrist and leaves no marks on the skin even after prolonged wearing. Thanks to the use of soft rubber, the watch can be worn even during sports training: the strap does not rub the skin, does not fall off and does not unfasten during active movements.

  • Quick synchronization with gadgets on the operating roomAndroid and iOS. Thanks to this function, the clock screen displays notifications of missed calls and messages that can be read using Smart Watch without removing the smartphone. Reply to the received message at any time after reading it - depends on the text.
  • Strength. The watch case is made of high-quality materials of increased strength with the introduction into the design of cushioning elements that protect the gadget from frequent shocks, vibrations and damages.
  • Thanks to this decision of the manufacturerusers can wear watches on a regular basis, without fear of damaging them even during training. The owners of the gadget have repeatedly confirmed in their responses to the Smart Watch SW007 that the watch can be worn while visiting the gym.
  • Smart watches will help to cope with the problem of insomnia: intelligent electronics will analyze the user's condition and give advice on achieving deep sleep and regaining the regime.
  • Wide functionality and a large number of additional options, greatly simplifying the use of gadgets and optimizing the working day for their competent use.

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Original gift

Intelligent Smart Watch, being a modernunique gadget, will become an unusual gift for those who appreciate multi-functional compact devices. Built-in color display and high quality performance, coupled with a stylish design make a smart watch a popular accessory that is very popular. An additional advantage can be called a low price: many analogues are at times more expensive with a much smaller set of functions.

Gadget Specifications

Smart Watch SW007 Features:

  • Built-in memory for 32 MB.
  • The ability to expand your own memory to 32 GB by installing a memory card.
  • SIM card slot.
  • The watch bracelet is made of high-quality soft rubber.
  • For the case, steel UP was used.
  • The diameter of the dial is 3.1 cm, which is a lot for such a gadget and allows you to consider small details.
  • Compact gadget dimensions: 5.6x4.8x1.5 centimeters.
  • Built-in camera with a resolution of 1.3 megapixels.
  • Functional display with good characteristics: resolution 240x240, TFT22.
  • The gadget's menu is completely Russified, the language is selected in the preferences - English or Russian.
  • Easily synchronizes with operating systems such as iOS and Android.
  • A large list of additional functions: 2G network support, built-in alarm clock, browser, calculator, calendar, contact saving, sleep monitoring system, pedometer and calorie counter.

smart watch sw007 specifications

Disadvantages of the gadget

Special and major flaws in intelligent Smart watchesWatch SW007 no: most of them are purely individual and belong to the category of "inconvenient to use" for a particular user. However, it is worth noting the difficulties that are encountered during the operation of the gadget:

  • Despite the low weight specified in the instructionsto the Smart Watch SW007, the clock is massive: it takes a certain amount of time to get used to them. The disadvantages are often attributed precisely this point, but in the reviews on the Smart Watch SW007, users note that such dimensions do not adversely affect the operation and wearing hours.
  • In bright sunlight, the clock screen begins to glare and shine, which is why it is quite difficult to examine anything on the display. You can correct the problem after properly configuring the gadget.

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Should I buy a smart watch Smart Watch?

Acceptable cost of the gadget makes it accessiblemost buyers. When ordering the original model from the official manufacturer, the watch can be returned, provided they do not match the manufacturer's specified parameters. Smart watches are characterized by a long service life, do not fail and do not stop, have protection from low temperatures and moisture.

Original Smart Watch SW007 Watchpurchase in specialized boutiques or from an official manufacturer. Wide functionality, intuitive control, fast synchronization with gadgets on iOS and Android operating systems make the watch an indispensable device that will allow you to stay in touch even in situations where there is no access to a cell phone. Additional functions in the form of a pedometer, calorie counter and sleep monitoring system help to maintain a healthy lifestyle, while the user can wear it thanks to the protection of the gadget even during sports.