What kind of phone does Putin have? A serious question with a serious answer

When people are more or less known, to themAll attention of the population and the press is riveted. They are spoken about at every corner: how they dress, what they eat, with whom they communicate. People have always been interested in learning about the life of their idols. What can we say about the main authorities of the entire globe - the presidents and their assistants. Sometimes a commoner really wants to compare how the head of his state lives, whether the life of the first person of the country is different by something supernatural. Or he is the same person as everyone else. Many are interested in the question of what kind of phone Putin has. Fortunately, now there are social networks with which you can monitor every step of your idol.

phone model

Which phone models are preferred by the heads of the countries of the world?

Despite the increased risk of being auditionedspies, presidents and prime ministers also can not give up worldly goods. Users of social networks have long been accustomed to seeing Dmitry Medvedev with an "apple" phone in his hands. Or watch Ramzan Kadyrov do the next selfi during an interview. As for the rest of the world's influential people, they did not go far:

  1. Angela Merkel uses two phones at once: Nokia and BlackBerry. The former needs it for personal purposes, and the second is for political negotiations only.
  2. Barack Obama, the former president of the United States, except the BlackBerry does not perceive any brand. It is believed that the phones of this particular brand are most reliable in terms of listening.
  3. Kim Jong-un recently at one of the meetings was captured with a smartphone on a desk that closely resembled one of the models from HTC.
  4. Nawaz Sharif, the Prime Minister of Pakistan, uses three smartphones at once: Samsung, Apple and BlackBerry.
  5. Francois Hollande can not abandon Apple's gadgets.

They were the main people of other countries, but oura person is more interested in what happens in his homeland. In particular, it is curious to find out, what kind of phone does Putin have - the most important person in Russia?

what phone do you have?

With what phones have you seen Vladimir Vladimirovich

President of the Russian Federation VladimirVladimir Putin, according to Forbes, is the most influential person in the world for the last 4 years. Naturally, the media, and ordinary citizens have always been interested in additional information about the leader of the world scale, in particular, everyone is interested in what kind of phone Putin has.

The head of state was seen with a mobile phone inhands only once. This happened in the Nizhny Novgorod region during the mass fires. It took Vladimir Vladimirovich urgently to call Dmitry Medvedev. The phone model is Nokia E 90. But later it turned out that it was the phone of one of the accompanying people. No one else has ever managed to capture our president with his personal mobile phone.

telephone of Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin's phone: hot line

For all citizens of the Russian Federationthe President's hotline is periodically provided. Calls to all over Russia are absolutely free, while everyone has the opportunity to leave a wish or complaint concerning the work of authorities in specific regions. Naturally, this is not a direct phone of Vladimir Putin and he will not be able to talk to him personally. But the population assures that all applications are considered, and the most serious and important will certainly reach the president.

The basic rule is no anonymous calls.When applying for a hotline, a citizen is required to state his full name, surname and patronymic, as well as his residential address. In addition to the call, anyone can write SMS to a free short number or an entire letter to an email address. All contacts can be found on the Kremlin's special website.

Putin's mobile phone, which he currently uses

To use mobile communication is really veryit is risky for the president, especially since there is no closed communication in Russia. When Vladimir Vladimirovich needs to call, he uses phones with a wire network from the Kremlin and cell phones from a car with a satellite connection. Of course, these phones are completely different from the usual smartphones with a bunch of applications.

mobile phone

How does the President like to joke about this?"If I had a personal phone, he would have called without stopping." He never concealed his fear and persecution mania. Honestly, there are good reasons for that.

"So what kind of phone does Putin have?" - you ask.Most likely, he does not have a phone at all. He hinders him more than he benefits. And the president himself admits that he does not like sympathy for various gadgets.