Sony SmartWatch 3 is a smart watch. Reviews

"Sony" introduced the public already the third generationSmartWatch with a clear desire to "stake out" a promising niche in the smart watch market. From the predecessor with the prefix 2 in the new model, only the name remains, in the rest it is a completely different product. The gadget turned out to be very interesting, and in addition to working on the mistakes of past series, the company gave the clock additional and useful chips, completely redesigning the functional and structure of the model itself.

sony smartwatch 3

So, the hero of today's review is the smart watch Sony SmartWatch 3. Let's try to identify all the advantages of the model along with the shortcomings, relying on the opinions of experts and reviews of ordinary consumers.


It is generally accepted that the main competitors of SonyIn terms of design and innovation remain Apple and Motorola. In fact, so it is: if you look at all the gadgets from a Japanese company from the side, you can see that they all have their own distinctive and recognizable design, be it a bracelet, phone or tablet.

sony smartwatch 3 watches

But looking at the Sony SmartWatch 3 watch, see in themsomething is enthusiastic or easily recognizable does not work well in any way. The model stands out slightly against its competitors, such as Galaxy Gear from Samsung or LG Watch. But as for design, everything is complicated and easy at the same time.

Difficult, because every fan of smarthours of your tastes and preferences, and perhaps, it is you who will remain indifferent to appearance, and someone will intrigue and zapadet into the soul. In order to understand, "your" is or not, it's enough just to look at them from the side.

As for the color range, it does not shinevariety and is limited to three options: white, black and lemon. As a makeweight to the alternative, you can additionally purchase a strap for Sony SmartWatch 3 in a pink version.

At the international exhibition CES, which was held inThis year, the company announced a model with a metal strap. In our territory they are not sold yet, but their cost is already known - 15 500 rubles, which is 6 000 more expensive than the ordinary version. By the way, with an aluminum strap in the watch, the watch looks much more interesting than the expensive version of Sony SmartWatch 3 metal, and resemble the proprietary "Sony" Style.


As standard Sony SmartWatch 3The rubberized material of the chosen gamma is used. The hand does not get tired of prolonged wearing, but you need to keep in mind that it is not worthwhile to tighten the belt. The control module in the watch is easily removed from the strap, which is extremely convenient for recharging.

sony smartwatch 3 review

The front part of the watch is protected by glass, and the backmade of steel. On the right side of Sony SmartWatch 3 you can see the power button, and behind it there is a stub for the micro-USB connector. The watches are equipped with reliable protection of the IP68 standard, which guarantees their moisture and dust resistance - theoretically they can be floated, but user reviews indicate the weak spot of the model in the face of the plug, so there is a risk of water falling under it.


Dimensions of Sony SmartWatch 3 to someoneseem slightly exaggerated, which can cause some discomfort during use, limiting the mobility of the wrist, but judging from the feedback of consumers, this problem is an extremely rare case.

strap for sony smartwatch 3

The dimensions of the watch are 36x51x10 mm with a weight of 40 grams without a strap, its weight is slightly less than the main module - 35-38 grams.

Sony SmartWatch 3 screen

The review of the screen showed the typical characteristics for smart watches: diagonal display - 1.6 inches, TFT-matrix with a resolution of 320 by 320 pixels, a protective glass, along with an oleophobic coating.

Pixelization, although noticeable in the nearviewing, but to read the information from the clock claims there are no - fonts are perfectly distinguishable, and if there are any difficulties, you can always bring your hand to the person. Particularly pleasing is the presence of an oleophobic coating - this is really an important and useful element for such an accessory.

smart watch sony smartwatch 3

The unpretentious TN-matrix clearlygood performance in Sony SmartWatch 3. An overview at an inclination either lowers the brightness, or substantially inverts the colors, so that the clock has to work at a right angle. But what pleases me is the lack of AMOLED-matrix, which is so actively used by similar manufacturers of gadgets. The thing is that the PenTile system existing in SmartWatch makes the readable font exactly at low screen resolutions and it's much easier to make out the text on the clock than to read it on the same Samsung Galaxy Note with AMOLED-matrix.

In addition, the watch has an interesting function,which is not in the "neighbors", it is called on / on - "keep the screen permanently on". When it is activated, the backlight turns off, but the user still has access to information about the time and basic notifications. Thanks to it you can easily find out the time even on a bright and sunny day.


The Sony SmartWatch 3 clock is equipped with an NFC module,providing a synergy with any smartphone running under the Android operating system 4.3. and higher. It is enough only to attach the module to the one on the phone, and you can exchange data. As a software, you can recommend a proven and official application with the "Google Play" - Android Wear.


Functional features of Sony SmartWatch 3 can be roughly divided into two parts: notification and voice dialing.

sony smartwatch 3 metal

When the clock is synchronized with the smartphone, eachThe new notification is duplicated on them. If this is not necessary, you can disable this function in the menu. By itself this opportunity is very convenient, especially if you have a "rich" mailbox and a rich social Internet life. Before you can view information on your smartphone, you can first get acquainted with it on the clock and decide whether it is worth getting the phone at all. By the way, there are no loudspeakers on the watch, but for receiving notifications, vibration is more than enough.

As a voice assistant, you canAndriod Wear. You can safely dictate notes or messages, find something on the network or run any application on the device, for example, the player. The ability to switch tracks is available in both voice mode and screen lock.

Autonomous work

The watch is equipped with a non-removable batteryan ordinary capacity of 420 mAh. Waiting for some miracles from the battery is not worth it, but with its basic functions, it successfully manages. In the medium load mode (constant synchronization, periodic check of notifications, navigating through the menu items), the battery is discharged in 20-30 hours. If you actively use a gadget, then it may not be enough for a light day. The battery is charged for one hour from the standard 220 volt network.


In retail stores, you can find SmartWatch 3 for 9,000 rubles. If you need a model more impressive with a metal strap, then we pre-order 15 000 rubles and look forward to buying.

For the money that you give, buying smartSmartWatch 3, you get a gadget that allows you to less often get a smartphone from your pocket, can count your steps, GPS-tracker and much more if you install additional applications.

First of all, you need to understand for yourself - you need towhether you like this device and are you ready to spend on it such money, especially since for 9 000 rubles you can buy a quite adequate smartphone from a solid brand. But in any case, the watch meets the "price / quality" criteria and costs its money.