Eraser for fishing, how to make it yourself

Fishing - rest for the soul.And today we'll talk about how to make an elastic band for fishing. Let's start with the sinker. Its weight should be chosen so that it does not slip when pulling the trophy, and also throughout the day. The peculiarity of the tackle we are considering is that the casting should take place further than the usual donkey, at least the length of the rubber. For this reason, fishing on an elastic band, as a rule, provides for swim in the necessary place along with the cargo independently or on a boat.

elastic band for fishing how to make

Fishing with an elastic band

For convenience, you can hang a thin rope, onwhich clings to the float. At the end of fishing for him, you can pull the sinker. It will be superfluous to additionally weight a small weight place of the joint of the elastic band with the line. He will press the latter to the ground and will not allow it to walk freely along the height of the river or lake.

Continuing our theme of what constitutesa rubber band for fishing, how to make it and how to catch it. Next, we select the length and size of the rubber. The latter is square and round. It is better to give preference to a square variety, since the probability of marriage is very high in the round, namely the presence of air bubbles, in which it is often ruptured, and this always does not happen in time.

Length calculation

So, we determined, best of all - a squarean elastic band for fishing. How to make it the right length? Take ten centimeters of this material as a sample and stretch it until a break occurs. Next, we determine the stretch factor. If before the break the length of your eraser was seventy centimeters, it means that it is one to seven. To exclude a break during fishing, and also that our elastic band was not too taut, we lower the value a little, for example, to one to five.

fishing for an elastic band

After we decided which factorstretching has our elastic band for fishing, how to make it the necessary length, guess it will be easy. For example, if it is necessary that the hooks go forty meters from the shore, the length of the rubber should be equal to eight meters.

how to make an elastic band for fishing

In order for tackle not to break out of your hands andDo not hurt you with hooks, drive a solid stick into the ground, the top of which you need to split with a knife. During the stretching, draw a line in this cleft and make a few turns around this stick, then again shove it into the cleft. Now there is nothing to worry about. Calmly take off your catch and put the bait on the hooks. After this, the line is unhurriedly removed from the stick and gently, a little bit, released back into the pond.


Regarding the choice of the burglar alarm,then this is a personal matter of your taste. That's basically all that is an elastic band for fishing. How to make it, you now know. I would also like to add that this tackle is quite old. Convenient that you just need to start it once in the right place, after which you will no longer need to restart it every time. However, if you want to change the place of catching, this advantage turns into a disadvantage, because in this case you have to tinker, and quite a lot, but this need does not occur often.