Fitness club "Empire", Bryansk: address, description, reviews

What awaits the person who first goes togym? That's right, that he will be helped to bring his body in order and gain confidence. And it is hoped by absolutely any beginner sportsman: a bit podraasteravshy form and the one who has long been going, but decided on the right move just now. In the city of Bryansk military glory there are many fitness centers, but among them one wants to highlight one, in which both the staff is somehow special, and the atmosphere is pleasant, and the training system is admired. It's about the fitness club "Empire" (Bryansk).

fitness club empire bryansk

Location of the sports club

Fitness club "Empire" in Bryansk is located inthe center of the city along Duki Street, 69. Not far from it is located the beloved by the townspeople "Nightingales". This advantageous neighborhood enabled the club's management to consider the option of conducting outdoor training, and the coaching staff - to translate the idea into reality. Now, walking in the park on the weekend, you can meet athletes who came to work here, and seeing their positive attitude, think about the first visit to the sports center. Bryansk fitness club "Empire", the address of which was mentioned above, works for visitors daily from 8:00 am to 22:00 pm. However, on holidays and weekends the work time is slightly reduced - from 9-00 to 21-00.

fitness club empire bryansk reviews

Coaching staff and services of the fitness club "Empire" in Bryansk

The sports center itself fits into the territory a bitmore than 2500 square meters. m and occupies three floors of a newly erected building. The trainers of the fitness club "Empire" in Bryansk are professionals in their field. They have good experience and have considerable sports achievements. Among the directions that the fitness club "Empire" in Bryansk offers its visitors, it is possible to single out the following:

  1. Gym with modern equipment.
  2. The hall is equipped for cardio workouts (treadmills, ellipses, steppers and exercise bikes).
  3. Swimming pool for 4 tracks 25 meters long.
  4. Two halls for group training in aerobics, fitball, step and others.
  5. Studio "Cikl", where all conditions as much as possible correspond to a real walk on a mountain bike.
  6. "Fight Club", in which professional coaches conduct boxing classes for all comers.

Also, the fitness club "Empire" in Bryansk offersa smart Finnish sauna, a room for functional diagnostics of health, a children's playroom, which can not but rejoice young mothers who decided to bring themselves in shape, comfortable spacious parking and a modern solarium.

fitness club empire bryansk address

Grateful reviews

Fitness club "Empire" in Bryansk can be proud ofthe fact that there are no negative reviews about it. On the official website of the sports center, in social groups in social networks and in the feedback book located at the reception area, there is not a single complaint or negative statement. This is due to the fact that the club management always keeps pace with the sporting time: timely purchases the best equipment, replenishes the number of highly qualified trainers (by the way, now there are 25 of them), expands the scope of activities, taking into account all opinions of both clients and employees. Visiting the fitness club "Empire" in Bryansk, anyone will be satisfied, charged with a positive and excellent mood.