"Fitness Land" on Ilyushin: services, reviews, prices

It is hardly possible to meet a woman who does notI would always like to stay in good physical shape. You can achieve this effect at home, but this will require a huge amount of effort, get acquainted with the large amount of information and buy the necessary inventory. It is much more convenient to choose the right sports organization, which will help to quickly achieve the desired effect. This is the "Fitness Land" on Ilyushin in the city of St. Petersburg.

fitness land in Ilyushin

Basic services

In the sports center "Fitness Land" Ilyushin is provided with the following services:

  • A spacious gym with the most modernequipment. On the territory of the center there are several professional instructors who will help to correctly calculate the load, create a schedule of trainings for individual muscle groups and give advice on the performance of some exercises. They will also conduct a monthly measurement of each client and celebrate his achievements.
  • In aerobic halls you can visit group classes: yoga, aerobics or dancing.
  • There are special programs for young children.
  • If necessary, you can use the service of a personal trainer, which will help you to reach the desired goal faster.
  • Interval training is also carried out separately.

It is worth noting that each room has a unique design, television and music system, classes in them will certainly bring pleasure!

fitness lend at ilyushina reviews

Additional services

In the sports center "Fitness Land" Ilyushin also provides additional services:

  • Gather energy before exhaustingtraining can be in a comfortable cafe. It only sells exceptionally healthy dishes containing a minimum number of calories. Fresh protein shakes are also being prepared, which are necessary for muscle mass gain.
  • On the territory of the sports center there is a solarium, respectively, here you can not only make the figure more beautiful, but also transform it with a saturated tan.
  • Separately it is necessary to talk and about services of the dietician who will make the most useful rational and easy food necessary for sports.
  • In the near future a spacious swimming pool will be built, active development of the swimming center is already underway.
  • In the sports center, you can sign up for professional classes, for example, master the techniques of Thai boxing.
  • Also on the territory of the center are several shopping malls, where you can buy a beautiful suit, sports shoes or the necessary tools to keep the form at home.

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In the sports center "Fitness Land" at Ilyushina convenient notification system is provided: for each customer, a SMS message is sent, which reminds him of the nearest entries to the class. For regular customers, special club cards are provided, thanks to which you can get a discount when buying a subscription, and you can also use it as a gift for a good friend! On the territory of the club there is also an installment system, you can buy a "ticket" for your favorite occupation for several payments.

If you want to find a good sports center,which quickly helps to bring the figure in order, then, undoubtedly, it will be "Fitness Land". The prices in it directly depend on the type of sport activity, the frequency of visits and the time of visit. Subscription for one month can cost from 2500 to 15000 rubles.

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Positive reviews

It's been more than five years sinceSports center "Fitness Land" on Ilyushin was opened. Clients' feedback about this center is mostly positive. For example, there are several main advantages:

  • Polite staff.
  • A large number of services.
  • Professional instructors and nutritionists who will quickly help to bring the figure in order.
  • A convenient system of payment, including the possibility of obtaining installments and the use of a system of discounts.
  • In particular, praise the functional system of recording lessons: this can be done through an Internet service or by calling the administrator of the center.

Visitors also note additional services, for example, they like catering in the cafe, the presence of modern music in the hall and the quality of the solarium.

Negative feedback

Several times less negativereviews from visitors. Basically they relate to the excessive employment of coaches, the presence of a large number of visitors and the inability to enroll at the most appropriate time.


Fortunately, now make a figurebeautiful, elegant and attractive will not be difficult. To do this, it is enough to enroll in a professional sports club with modern equipment, choose a good coach and fulfill his requirements. You can achieve good results by coming to Fitness Lend: St. Petersburg, Ilyushin 5. It's easy to become beautiful both as a woman and as a man. To do this, it is enough to take the first step - to register for classes in a modern sports center. And there everything will go like clockwork!