Fishing in Siberia: Features and Benefits

For all lovers of outdoor activities and fishingSiberian expanses open up a lot of opportunities. All people get a positive attitude, as well as the opportunity to spend their time away from the noisy megacities and the gassed freeways.

An exciting lesson

Fishing in Siberia is truly fascinating andis diverse. Sometimes she makes her admirers go to the most secluded places. And fishing in Siberia allows everyone to hide in untouched nature. The greatness of the Siberian rivers and lakes, filled with a large number of fish, is striking. Therefore, Siberian reservoirs attract the attention of fishermen from all corners of our country.

Features of Siberian fishing

fishing in Siberia

Especially fascinating fishing in Siberia in winter.This hobby brings together real professionals. They have to face certain difficulties that accompany these harsh regions. In Siberia, the air temperature in winter can drop to minus fifty degrees, so the ice of the rivers becomes very thick. With this temperature regime, even an experienced fisherman can not easily show all his talents for catching fish. To avoid frostbite and hypothermia, Siberian fishermen use their tricks and enjoy long-term hardening.

Thick ice is not everything that separatesman from the catch: it is necessary to get to him, clearing a large layer of snow, stably falling on the Siberian expanses. At the same time, it's not easy to get to the place of the supposed fishing in Siberia because of the lack of normal roads at a great distance. The vast expanses consist entirely of impassable Siberian jungles.

Winter fishing itself is more attractiveyear absence of omnipresent mosquitoes, which in Siberia is more than in any other place. Fish is less discriminating with respect to bait and if it wants to get full, it starts actively hunting for the proposed bait.

Leave to return

fishing in Siberia in winter

And how can not like such fishing?In Siberia, they successfully catch perch and pike, burbot, taimen and many other underwater predators. Inveterate anglers will not exchange the same feeling when they feel bitten, cut and drag their long-awaited trophy! People who have been to such an uncomfortable but insanely fascinating and exciting fishing trip will no doubt return to Siberia again. This trip will remain in memory for a long time. Pleasant emotions will float up in consciousness and force you to repeat. That is why fishermen, who have visited such wonderful places as Siberian rivers and lakes, return for a new portion of pleasant impressions, adventures and productive leisure.