Stels Navigator 850: Bike Features

The most environmentally friendly and cheap transport -it's a bicycle. It can be easily reached by work, school or shop, if these objects are not too far away. Two-wheeled transport helps maintain muscle tone, which positively affects a person's well-being. For everyday trips you need a good and reliable bike. Today we will talk about the Stels Navigator 850. What is this bike, is it suitable for daily use and what are its characteristics? All this you need to know.

Brief description of "Stealth"

What is so famous for bicycles "Stealth"? Let's start with the company. "Stealth" is a well-known company in Russia that produces sports products. Its peculiarity is that it produces cheap bike models that are affordable for any person. Very often you can see its products in such a hypermarket as "Auchan". That's why already experienced cyclists call Stels Navigator 850 "asanbaykom". Due to the fact that the product is not at all expensive, it is set to the corresponding quality elements. That is, all low-level equipment: fork, switches, brakes and so on.

stels navigator 850

Stels Navigator 850: Specifications

This bike is a mountain bike. Depending on the level of depreciation, this type is divided into two groups: two-pendants and hardtails. Stels Navigator 850 refers to the latter. Translated from English, this word literally means "hard back". Unlike the two-pendants, in which all two wheels are absorbed, the hardtails have a suspension only on the front. Therefore, instead of a spring, they simply have a rigid rear end. This has its pros and cons.

The plug from "SunTour" refers to the budget class. In theory, it should hide the small irregularities and vibrations caused by them, but in fact it is not. Spring-elastomeric design works only at high loads (jump from a curb or a small hummock). Such features have cheap forks.

stels navigator 850 frame size

Stels Navigator 850: frame size, brakes, wheels, transmission

The frame material is an aluminum alloy. Now only the cheapest models put steel frames. This material is heavier than aluminum, which is a big minus. Also, steel has the property of being rusted. The Stels Navigator 850 has several frame sizes: seventeen and a half, nineteen and a half and twenty-one and a half inches. Therefore, you can choose an ideal frame.

stels navigator 850 specifications

Typically, the "Navigator" 850 set the diskmechanical brakes, but you can find a model with conventional rims. The type of brake must be specified before purchase. The wheels are twenty-six inches tall. This is the standard for mountain bikes. There are mountain bikes with twenty-four inch wheels, but they are less common. The fact that the Stels Navigator 850 installed double rims - it's very good. They do not bend so often, so the "eights" are formed less.

In total, there is twenty-one speed cycles. Three asterisks in front and seven in the back. Coins and switches, although at an entry level, but quite fit. For daily trips it is best to choose another option, but for some small trips, "Stealth" is quite fit.