We cook bait: how to steam peas for fishing?

how to steam peas for fishing

Intending to catch bream, crucian carp or carp, fishermen,especially beginners, often wonder: how to steam peas for fishing? It would seem, a simple matter, but it is not right to cook vegetable bait rightly. And if you consider that it is rare to catch fish on peas, then it is not easy to find information about its preparation. Meanwhile, there are reservoirs, where the fish, showing the next whims, wants to peck only on the hook where strung well boiled peas. So, every fisher should be able to cook it.

How to steam peas for fishing in a thermos?

The easiest way is to steam out cereals and legumes in a thermos. The best variant for these purposes is a variant with a glass bulb. First it is necessary to pass its internal part with boiling water. Next, fill the thermos bottle with a third washed up peas and fill the remaining space with hot water. This method has pros and cons. On the plus side, peas will be ready in just a few hours. Well, the disadvantage of this method lies in the fact that often bait turns out to be too soft and it is difficult to put it on the hook, besides, getting into the water, it quickly slips from it. Therefore, this method is only for those who are interested in how to steam peas for fishing in a few hours. If there is no need to cook bait quickly, then it is better to use other ways.

How to steal peas for fishing without a thermos?

how to soar peas for fishing
If fishing is planned for a certainday, and there is time for it to be properly prepared, it is better to leave the peas soaked in cold water for the night. In the morning, the remaining liquid in the dishes is gently drained and again filled with peas with boiling water. Next, on a slow fire, bring it to a boil and leave it on the stove for ten minutes. After the time has elapsed, we remove the pan and cover it with a towel so that its contents are infused. In half an hour the bait is ready, it remains to cool it - and everything, you can go for fish trophies.

How to soar peas for fishing under the press?

how to steam out peas for fishing
As is known, fish also have their own preferences,which often puzzles even an experienced fisherman. In addition, it is not deprived and cunning, and if peas are steamed to a too soft state, then it is easy to remove from the hook. In this case, fishing turns into a charity dinner (or breakfast) for the inhabitants of the reservoir. But there is one way to prepare this bait so that it does not fly off the hook. For this, it is necessary to find not smooth, but wrinkled peas. We fall asleep the necessary quantity in the container and fill it with warm, well-salted water. We leave for the night. In the morning, without draining the water, we shift the peas into a saucepan, to the bottom of which in advance we place a circle of plywood with holes. It is necessary to ensure that the contents of the saucepan do not stick to the bottom. On top, the peas are pressed down with another circle of plywood with holes. Now the most important thing: the cargo is placed on the upper veneer. Peas cook for about an hour. The resulting bait will not be too soft and slightly salted, so that the fish will not remain indifferent to it. If it is necessary to catch large carp or bream, and the question arises as to how to steam out the peas for fishing, then this method will be the best. Of course, it requires some effort, but the number of bites will pay off in full.