Learn how to cook a pearl barley for fishing

There is a bait for catching fish, whichis widespread in the circles of lovers of fishing and is considered one of the most popular. Having familiarized with the offered information, it is possible to learn, how to cook a pearl bar for fishing independently. In fact, this procedure is very simple. Any self-respecting fisherman should not only be able to perform it, but also know that it is the fishing pearl that is a bait that can be used repeatedly. Virtually all of its properties, including the appearance, are preserved for up to seven days.

how to cook a pearl barley for fishing

For each fish there is a bait

Know how to cook a pearl barley for fishing,it is necessary for everyone who is interested in catching such fish, like crucian, roach, ide, bream, scoundrel. The same bait is caught by the king of freshwater fish - carp. Its universality lies in the fact that it can be used as a bait. Fishing involves its own nuances, from which the success of an enterprise often depends. One such rule is the following: what the fisherman uses as bait should be kept in the bait. It is noteworthy that in this moment the universality of the pearl bar is obvious. The fact is that by feeding fish, you can then change the bait, trying to catch on maggots, worms, peas and so on. Such experiments can give excellent results if the fish does not show particular activity in the bite. Of course, the above arguments are enough to learn how to cook a pearl barley for fishing, doing this training yourself. This is quite simple, although there are certain nuances.

In what ways and how much to cook a pearl barley for fishing?

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Of course, at first we need a pearl barleyCroup, which is purchased at an ordinary grocery store. The council is not so trivial as it may seem, because already with the purchase of a future bait, one should be vigilant. In particular, the angler should inquire about the period of its validity. Determining the quality of the pearl bar visually, you should know that if it is fresh, it will look bright, almost snow-white. On the contrary, the groats not of the first freshness will be dark and unattractive.

How to cook a pearl barley for fishing - the simplest way

The easiest way to preparebait / bait for fish from a barley is the steaming of cereals in a thermos. This is done very simply. Fall asleep one or two st. spoons of pearl barley in a thermos, it is necessary to fill it with boiling water - one hundred two hundred milliliters. Then the lid of the thermos tightly twists, and the contents are shaken to avoid the adhesion of grains to the walls of the vessel. An experienced fisherman performs this procedure on the eve of a fishing trip. In the morning, the ready-made cereals should be slightly drained with a strainer and packed in any container that is convenient for the fisherman.

how much to cook a pearl barley for fishing
Each fisherman has his own preferences, soYou need to know not only about steaming the cereals, but also about how to cook a pearl barley for fishing. The method is also very simple. First, it is necessary to soak the cereals in running water for several hours (2-3). Now you can put it in a suitable container and start cooking on low heat. How much to cook a pearl barley for fishing? The process will take from fifteen minutes to half an hour. Then, removing the saucepan from the stove, you need to drain the water, and wrap the dish for a couple of hours with a towel. Done!