Socionics. "Dumas" - type description

Socionics "Dumas" refers to the first quadra, uniting four types of people with similar positions and goals in life. Once near, they feel that they are well together, that they understand each other.

socionic dumas
In addition, relying on four known dichotomies, it is determined by an irrational sensory-ethical introvert.

Socionics. "Dumas" -moman: appearance

The appearance of the two SEI subtypes can significantlydiffer. So, those who have strong ethics, have a round, full figure and short legs, go dancing. The face of "Dumas" is round. Cheeks, nose, frontal arches are smoothed out, do not stand out sharply. The sensory subtype, on the contrary, has an extended face. Its aesthetic taste is more developed. This affects the choice of clothes and neatness.

Socionics. "Dumas" is a woman: an external appearance

In any situation, this lady looks well-groomed andfresh. She treats attentively to clothes, carefully selects handkerchiefs, belts, handbags and other accessories. It is believed that women of this type are always plump. But practice shows that this is not so. And if fullness hinders them, they easily cope with it. True, these ladies, having even the ideal proportions of the figure, walk in a imposing, slow manner, as if they are at any moment ready for rest.

socionic dumas female

Socionics. "Dumas" - the manner of communication

This type is in contact with a large number of people. And with all he is at a short distance. "Dumas" is always friendly, charming. Despite this, it can also pressure people with words or emotions. If Dumas remarks that a person does not want to communicate with him, he does not impose himself either. Everyone advises to act, not to sit idly by, to show initiative. Broadcast rumors, news, necessarily adds something from himself, he just can not make no changes.

Socionics. "Dumas" - features of behavior

If you observe this type a little, you cannotice that he gravitates to all kinds of pleasures. This is a distinctive feature of his behavior. He wants to try everything in life. Many people think this person is very frivolous. "Dumas" likes to be in the spotlight among close friends. He avoids those companies where he remains in the shadows. He knows how to unofficially negotiate anything, using his proven connections. "Dumas" does a lot with their own hands, from cooking and finishing with repairs. For himself and his relatives does the work productively, but for others it will not be very stressful. He generally avoids unnecessary, in his opinion, physical exertion. The expression "talented lazy" is just about him.

socionic dumas man
Socionics. "Dumas" - some recommendations

The main problem of this psychotype is inabilitykeep working capacity for a long time, unwillingness to force oneself to perform the necessary, heavy tasks. Such a person needs to remember the saying "Cause - time, fun - hour" more often. It is also necessary at least sometimes to think about what others need, to help them in deed, not just advice and promises. Only then "Dumas" will be perceived by people as a reliable and serious person. Also, this type does not see distant prospects, so it starts only those cases that guarantee a return in the near future. Sometimes you need to take risks. But at the same time, do not trumpet about starting the enterprise on every corner, boast, advertise yourself and give empty promises. It is necessary to at least approximately plan your affairs, be consistent and bring everything to the end.