Monuments to animals - from people in gratitude

From the earliest times, people build monumentsFor the perpetuation of an event or in honor of the merits of individuals. They are raised and many representatives of the animal world, and they can be found in all countries of the world. The monuments of the animals are very different - from the mammoth to the fly of the fruit fly. Mostly they were honored with such an honor by domestic animals, but many put them and wild animals.

Monuments to faithful friends of man

The most sculptures a man has establishedthe most faithful friends - dogs. It is considered that one of the first such monuments was erected in the city of Corinth in the IV century. BC. According to legend, when the enemies crept up to the city at night, a dog named Soetr raised a noise, woke up the garrison and thereby saved the townsfolk from death.

Monuments to animals

Monuments to animals often indicaterecognition of the person that great role in the development of science, which they played. In St. Petersburg in 1935, the Institute of Experimental Medicine installed on the pedestal the figure of the experimental dog. This was done at the suggestion of the famous academician I.P. Pavlova.

There are monuments to animals that have committed realfeats. In Alaska in Nome stands a sculpture to a dog-hero named Balt. At the beginning of the last century, an epidemic of diphtheria began in this town. To save children, we needed a vaccine. Dog sled, overcame more than 300 kilometers, on the way back stopped a severe snowstorm. The exhausted dogs could not continue on their way. Then the owner of Balta attached a bag with a vaccine to his dog's collar and sent it to the people. The dog managed to deliver the medicine to its destination.

Birds on the pedestal

Monuments to animals in the world

Very many animal monuments are associated withevents of the distant past. Who does not know that in the IV. BC. geese rescued from the Gauls Rome. The grateful Romans established a monument to them and since those times have treated these birds very respectfully.

In the USA on the Wisconsin River there is a memorial thatdedicated to the wandering pigeon. And in the American city of Boston, a sparrow was immortalized, which saved the gardens and crops from the invasion of caterpillars. In Ecuador there is a sculpture of hummingbirds. The capital of Mexico - the city of Mexico City - is decorated with a stone eagle. In Salt Lake City (USA) a seagull is immortalized, and in the Canadian city of Grand Prairie there is a monument to the white swan.

For helping people

Many monuments to animals in the world are established forTheir merits in the development of agriculture and in gratitude to people. In New Zealand there is a sculpture of trout. Thanks to the breeding of this fish, the local people live in abundance.

Interesting monuments

For a valuable wool immortalized in stone is a ram inScotland, and in the city of Uryupinsk - a goat. In the United States, Holland, Germany, a pedestal was put on a pedestal. There are a lot of sculptures around the world for horses, including in Russia.

There are interesting monuments to agriculturalpests. For example, in the North American state of Alabama, a memorial to the weevil beetle is installed. This voracious insect destroyed all cotton crops in the state and forced farmers to master the cultivation of other crops, which turned out to be much more profitable.