"Shodnenskiye Bani" is the best choice

Complex "Skhodnenskie baths" at Fabricius, 41, includes several types of steam rooms: a general office, two separate rooms with a Russian steam room and a Finnish sauna.

General office

This is a branch with a Russian steam room. Includes two rooms: male and female, each of which can hold up to 100 people. Here you can use the services of a steamer - in each room there are two people. And also order a classic massage for the whole body or segmental. The department is equipped with a swimming pool, lounge, TV. The cost of entering such a bath is 1300 rubles per visitor.

Shodnensky baths

Private rooms

"Shodnensky baths" offer visitors two types of separate pairs:

  • Room with a Russian steam room. Accommodates up to 8 people. Equipped with a small pool, lounge and massage room.
  • Room with Finnish sauna. Holds up to 10 people. A lounge with billiards and a TV and, of course, a swimming pool.

Shodnensky baths

What to choose: a Russian bath or a Finnish sauna?

Not all sauna lovers understand the differencebetween a sauna and a sauna, often believing that this is the same thing, but the principle of their work is completely different and pairs, respectively. "Shodnensky baths" offer the visitor a choice. It remains to make the right decision.

Shodnenskiy baths on Fabricius

Thus, in the sauna, the air temperature is heated to100-120 degrees, while the humidity is minimal - up to 20%. It's a hard, dry steam. The air is hot as in the desert. This is due to the heating of stones with electricity. As a rule, in saunas do not use a broom. Here, you can say, a person is not soaring, but passively heated. This steam room is not always and not all useful.

But the "Shodnenskiye Baths" with a Russian steam room are heatedfirewood. The correct temperature regime of such a bath is 70% of humidity at a maximum temperature of 80 degrees. The Russian steam room provides for the mandatory use of a broom. For women, a birch or lime broom is more useful. Well, for men - oak. In such a steam room, a person himself controls the heating of the air, pouring water on the stones. Due to this, there is an increased humidity.

You should bathe in such a bath correctly: the first visit should not be long - about ten minutes. This is necessary in order for the body to adapt, after which it is necessary to take a shower - to wash away the first sweat and dirt from the opened pores. And only after the second call it is possible to apply a broom pre-soaked in cold water and steamed. This steam is very soft and suitable for beginners, and for avid steamers.

The complex "Skhodnenskie baths" provides an opportunity to choose the right way to steam.