Where to go in November. Notes of a seasoned traveler

Last year it turned out that I had to goon leave in late autumn. In the beginning I, as an avid traveler with ten years of experience, were very upset. Where to go in November? At first glance, it may seem that it's harder to find this time worse. But this is really only at first glance ...

In my article, I want to share my experience.In fact, the answer to the question of where to go to rest in November for me was found quite quickly. Try using my tips, and an unforgettable, full of positive emotions leave you guaranteed.

So, leave in November ... Where to go? The assortment of offered tours is wide enough: excursions, holidays and festivals, sea trips, exotic countries, ski resorts. - For every taste!

First of all, let's understand, but is theregenerally positive moments in free time in the last month of autumn. Believe me, I will tell from my own experience, November is not only endless rains, mud, dull and cloudy days! First of all, in November comes the time of long-awaited autumn holidays for schoolchildren, coinciding with the November holidays. And this, you must agree, is a little more than a legal weekend than at any other time of the year.

Especially popular at this time are short sightseeing tours to located, as a rule, nearby countries, as well as recreation with children.

It is possible to go to the Czech Republic.It's nice to wander through medieval Prague, visit local sights and museums, drink a cup of aromatic coffee, walk along the quiet streets of the ancient city. Children will certainly love the Prague Zoo, the Wax Museum, the Children's Toy Museum with the world's largest collection of stunning puppet dolls. The whole family can visit the water park.

The last month of autumn is a wonderful timefor travel to southern Europe. For example, a comfortable temperature for travelers is preserved in Italy, Spain and Greece. The main advantage of this season - prices are much lower compared to summer, and flexible discounts are provided.

If you have a little morefree time, go to the US, where traveling through the country you can easily combine tours with beach holidays, for example, in California or Philadelphia.

Where to go in November to active tourists who love to be in the thick of things? Well, of course, one of the many festivals and festivals in the world.

As a rule, in the autumn the entire planet isa huge number of colorful and unusually interesting events. The carnival season, for example, in Germany, in cities such as Cologne, Dusseldorf, Mainz, begins on the eleventh eleventh month (November respectively) at 11 o'clock in the afternoon. You will definitely like the holidays, which are organized in Gothic castles. Tourists are delighted with the many-day Halloween party held on the ruins of the castle of Frankenstein, located near the city of Darmstadt on top of a tall cliff. On this day, beer is simply poured here by the river, and "serial killers", "walking mummies", "zombies" and "hangmen" walk around the surrounding woods.

Are you a connoisseur of wine and gourmet?- Then to your question about where to go in November, I can answer unequivocally. - To France!!! You just can not miss the holiday of young wine, which is produced in a tiny area near Leon.

Feel the spirit of Christmas at this time you can alreadywill be in Helsinki, Paris and London. In addition, in all major European capitals, the season of grand discounts comes. - A real paradise for shoppers.

If you have already frozen in November and startdream of a warm sun and a gentle sea, go to Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, the UAE or the island of Mauritius. Even in the late autumn these resorts are ready to meet you with excellent weather, magnificent beaches and developed infrastructure, while offering a rich excursion program.

Fans of exotic rest, as a rule, go to India, Maldives, Seychelles, Cuba, visit French Polynesia or Singapore.

November is, as you know, the beginning of the season in most ski resorts in France, Switzerland, Austria, and Russia (Gornaya Shoria, Khibiny, Dombai).

As you can see directions, where to go in November invacation, quite a lot. Even somehow unexpectedly, you see, a lot. It seems that in this article I managed to give you a couple of ideas for a successful holiday. And now the choice is yours.