Tips for tourists: where to go with the tents?

Do not know where to go with tents toto qualitatively relax and enjoy the picturesque beauties of your native nature? In fact, there are a lot of options. We offer you several places where you can go with tents. All of them are very popular among tourists, some of them are designed for active recreation of travelers and offer all the necessary services (rental of fishing tackles, motor boats, food points, etc.). So, where to go with the tents?


where to go with tents
This is the name of the picturesque place, consisting ofseveral lakes, forming a single chain among themselves. Forest, streams, fresh air and clean water create an unusual atmosphere of harmony. A huge plus is the fact that near the lake there are no industrial facilities, large cities and businesses, so this amazing edge is still environmentally friendly. The islands occupy the sixth part of the area of ​​lakes, enabling tourists to make a boat trip through the picturesque expanses of water bodies. In the rivers and lakes of Seliger, there are about thirty species of fish. For many fishermen, rest in this place is considered a traditional annual holiday. For those who do not know where to go with tents, Seliger can be an ideal solution. In a nearby boarding house, you can rent fishing tackle, bait, rowing or motor boats, tents, etc.

Lake Medvezhye

where to go to rest with tents
For tourists who are in thought, wherego with tents, this vacation spot will be a good option. Bear Lake is famous for its healing mud and salinity. It is located near Petukhovo in the Kurgan region. There is a lake of two parts, united by a small strait. Despite the rather large area (61 square meters), it is rather shallow. Thanks to salinity, the water keeps people afloat, but there is no living creature here - neither algae, nor fish. The muddy mud at the bottom of the reservoir is used to treat diseases of the nervous system, bones, joints, muscles. You can live both in tents on the shore, and in nearby villages. Near the lake there is a sanatorium.

Mozhayskoe Reservoir

where can I go with tents
Where to go to rest with tents?Stop your choice at the Mozhaisk reservoir. The area in which the resting place is located is considered environmentally friendly. The vast area of ​​Mozhaisk reservoir in 3,070 hectares is in the floodplain of the Moscow River. The shore line with a lot of bays is heavily indented. This place is very popular among fishermen: bream, perch, pike, burbot, pike-perch, ide, roach, bleak, asp, carp, eel, etc. are found here. Near the reservoir there is a recreation center where, if desired, you can book rooms or settle in small summer houses. At guests' disposal are barbecue areas, an open-air kitchen, a football and volleyball field. There are also tables for playing table tennis and Russian billiards. The territory of the Mozhaisk reservoir, overgrown with slender birches and tall pines, is only 2 km from Krasnovidovo on 8 km of the Myshkinsky highway, so it is not difficult to get to this magnificent place for tourists.