Original and beautiful congratulations on the anniversary of the wedding

The wedding is very cheerful, exciting andA grandiose event in the life of every person. Some moments will always remain in the memory of guests and newlyweds. Try to sincerely express your wishes and be original.

Beautiful congratulations on the anniversary of the wedding:

Original greeting speech with 1 year of the wedding, which is called - Calico wedding

Chintz is, of course, not the most sturdy material,but, despite this, our dear (names) very well "sew" from him their happiness. Let your relations grow stronger every year. Love each other, always protect and try to understand!

Congratulation on the 2nd wedding anniversary - Paper wedding

Dear guests, probably all of you know thatpaper is not the best material for construction. But here our young spouses (you can name the names) for two, not always simple, years of living together managed to build from this material a fairly strong relationship. We wish you, always treat each other with understanding, patience and persevere in building your relationship further!

Congratulations on the 3rd anniversary of the wedding - Leather wedding

In the three years that you lived together,much has changed. There were many difficulties and daily worries, but, in my opinion, and I think those sitting here with me will agree, your relationship has changed only for the better. Today I want you to wish that on this anniversary - a leather wedding, your family would become as strong and enduring!

Congratulations on the 5th wedding anniversary - Wooden wedding

That's five years of your family life,for this time your family has become strong and strong as an oak tree. We have already created a warm and cozy nest, the first chick grows up, but so that living in such an idyll, you would not be bored, we want to wish you another glorious "chick", and more than one year to listen to our congratulations on the anniversary of the wedding!

Gentle congratulations on the 10th anniversary of the wedding - Pink wedding

This date reminds you that you should not forget about romance and love. Therefore, I want to wish you, do not take each other for granted, and every day to make a romantic and unforgettable!

Congratulations on the 15th wedding anniversary - Crystal wedding

Today you have a serious family date.Many life difficulties have already been experienced and forgotten. However, one never forks behind life's trifles and difficulties to forget that your happiness is very unstable, and like crystal it can be accidentally broken up. Therefore appreciate, love, cherish and cherish each other!

Congratulations on the 20th anniversary of the wedding - Porcelain wedding

Living together for 20 years is at the same time a little,and more. On this day your family has become solid, like porcelain, however, remember that such material requires careful treatment, so take care of each other!

Congratulations on the 25th anniversary of the wedding - Silver wedding

This anniversary is not just another festive occasionevent, this is a holiday that not all couples are allowed to mention. You did not just reach that date, but reached it with dignity, hand in hand. And while walking, they did not lose their love and mutual understanding, they could grow up beautiful children and managed to keep true friends. Let your house continue to be bright and warm!

Congratulations on the 30th anniversary of the wedding - Pearl wedding

Dear our (names), today is a very memorable date- your pearl wedding. I want to remind guests that real pearls with good care never spoil and do not grow dull and, looking at your relationship, I want to say that they are worthy of wearing the title of pearl. So, protect and appreciate each other every day you live!

Congratulations on the 40th anniversary of the wedding - Ruby wedding

Ruby is a stone whose color symbolizestrue love, and time is always the most difficult test for any love. We would like to congratulate you on the fact that, despite everything, you were able to withstand such a test with pride!

Congratulations on the 50th anniversary of the wedding - Golden wedding

Today in your life is not just a date, it'san event that tells us that there is true love in our world. You not only could find it, but also carried it through many years, despite the many difficulties and trials that fell on your fate. Let it now thank you for the days you have lived worthily and give you only happiness, health and joy!

Congratulation on the 55th anniversary of the wedding - Emerald wedding

Dear (names), the emerald is very expensivematerial. And the fact that you managed to carry your love through so many years tells us that you appreciated it very much. So, let the value of your family grow every year!

Congratulations on the 75th anniversary of the wedding - Crown Wedding

This date does not require special congratulations on the anniversary of the wedding - the very number of years lived together speaks all without superfluous words. You can only bow your head before the jubilees.

You can read many poems and find many templates, but the main thing is that your congratulations on the anniversary of the wedding have their own flavor!