Modern Ingush wedding

External colorfulness, richness of traditionNorth Caucasus are known far beyond these majestic mountains. Here, from generation to generation, all customs are transferred carefully, almost unchanged. The ceremony of marriage is no exception. Today it passes in the same order as several centuries ago.

It should be noted that the most severeadhere to the wedding traditions of the Chechens, Karachais, Ingush (the rites of these peoples are quite similar among themselves). For example, weddings have already acquired a European flavor among the peoples of Dagestan. This is especially evident in urban areas. There were many new moments: throwing a bouquet of a bride (and the bouquet itself is not a familiar accessory), it is unusual and the fact that the groom and the bride are sitting at the same table, the young people did not practice dance earlier, like the overly open clothes of some brides. But progress does not ask for permission from the elders, and there are certain advantages to the weddings of a new type. But below, I still want to talk about Ingush weddings, which are quite traditional.

Wedding preparations

Many peoples of the North Caucasus (available init is precisely the NCFD) that there is a clear distribution by name. They are divided into honorable and not very old, and recently appeared, with the kinship goes to the seventh tribe. That is, a young man can not marry a girl - the same name of his mother, grandmothers, great-grandmothers. Thus, it is not easy for an Ingush to find a wife who is not a relative. But such austerity is quite a wise decision, thanks to it representatives of the peoples of the Caucasus very rarely have sick or mentally handicapped children.

After the choice of the bride, matchmaking must take place. The most prominent representatives of the groom's family come to the girl's house and ask his father for the hands of his daughter. In most cases, young people's desire is taken into account, they are asked for their consent. Parents do not aspire to marry or marry.


Ingush wedding begins the decorated motorcade,consisting of numerous cars. They come to relatives of the groom, led by an uncle (or older brother). In the house of the bride they are already waiting and with jokes, dances. From the "side" of the groom go out a guy with a girl, the latter gives the bride a handkerchief and pins the needle to the hem. And the young man takes the bride out of his father's house, holding him by the elbow, is one of the most honorable wedding roles. In this case, all actions are accompanied by the wishes of happiness to the young, health to their parents.

Really, that is, with songs and incendiarydances, Ingush weddings begin upon the arrival of the bride in the groom's house. Here her mother-in-law gives a spoonful of honey so that her life in a new place is happy and sweet. Then she takes her place of honor in the corner, where the young girl will have to stand the whole wedding, accepting congratulations.

Do you need witnesses at a wedding or entertainmentprogram for the Ingush wedding? Of course not. After all, the relaxed fun of the guests, their joy when meeting with family and friends does not need to be spurred on. In the meantime, the groom in the "helping house" (with neighbors, relatives), together with the young guys, celebrates. He appears only on the third day.

Gradually, the numerous relatives of the groomcome to the house of his parents. Congratulate the young, eat and drink, give their parents money. Generally, during the wedding days a certain cycle of gifts takes place: the bride gives gifts to the groom's relatives and relatives, who in turn present her with gold ornaments and clothes.

Ingushetian weddings can drag on to morea long time (a week, ten days). At the same time, after-wedding ceremonies last a long time, because the bride goes for the first time for water, accompanied by young girls and children, then the newlyweds go on a visit to relatives. Thus, the happy family life of each couple begins with long festivities.