Words of gratitude to the guests at the wedding. What and how to say

The wedding is designed toclose and native people to celebrate the birth of a new family. Guests give presents to young people, proclaim toasts, say wishes and give parting words to a new life. So it is accepted everywhere and at all. Any person is pleased to be at such an event, and the invitation to him is perceived as an honor.

words of gratitude to guests at the wedding

But there is a tradition of thanking the guests forthey honored with their presence this wedding. Do it, of course, the culprits of the celebration - the bride and groom, uttering words of gratitude. Guests at the wedding to hear it is especially pleasant, because during the banquet, the young did not have the opportunity to approach each person individually. Thanks usually at the end of the evening, in one speech expressing their gratitude to all present. In this way, the young family pays attention to all the guests gathered on their holiday.

Words of gratitude to the guests at the wedding. In what form do they pronounce

As noted, gratitude speech usuallyis pronounced under the curtain of the banquet, but when the guests have not yet parted. It is composed by young or toastmasters in advance, embodied in the form of poetry or prose. There are ready-made speeches, odes and whole poems. However, it is always touching, when words of gratitude to guests at the wedding the groom and the bride come up themselves. These lines will be permeated with sincerity, sincerity and genuine appreciation to all those gathered. With the help of this speech, young people can turn to their guests to express their respects to everyone for their attention. The whole evening the bride and groom were the center of the holiday, but at this moment the guests become the main ones, because without them this event would not be so cheerful!

Interestingly, somewhere else it is customary to say words of gratitude on the day of the wedding?

"Their customs"

Thank guests not only in the countriesthe former USSR. This tradition is widespread in Europe, Canada, USA. There sometimes words of gratitude to the guests at the wedding are replaced with the presentation of memorable gifts: bonbonierok, souvenirs, beautiful postcards. They are arranged to be placed near the personal device of the guest before the beginning of the celebration or at the end of the evening. Especially popular are bonbonniere, they put in various sweets, funny things, souvenirs. In this way the newlyweds express their respect and gratitude to their guests.

words of gratitude to the bride guests
There is another tradition. The bride and groom thank the participants of the celebration on their return from the honeymoon, sending them postcards or their photos from the place of rest and a brief description of their voyage. They reinforce the message with words of gratitude for the visit to their wedding.

What they say in gratitude

A bride and groom can prepare a jointspeech that one of them will say. But it is possible to make also two references - then young speak them by turns. In their words, the newlyweds should thank all those gathered for sharing this joyful moment with them, for taking the time to come, for support, for gifts and for their cheerful mood.

words of gratitude on the day of the wedding

Often girls ask what should bewords of gratitude to the guests. She can also express her confession to all those present, to thank her friends and those who helped her in pre-wedding turmoil. If the holiday has girls for marriage, then she can wish them a speedy acquisition of a worthy companion. Separate speech expresses gratitude to the parents of the husband for the birth and education of the beautiful man who became her husband.</ strong </ p>