Congratulations on the silver wedding to parents

After 25 years of life in marriage, people can celebrateholiday - a silver wedding. This anniversary is important, because This period is not maintained by all couples. Many of them break up due to such unpleasant factors as misunderstanding, distrust, jealousy, etc.

As noted above, this anniversary should beto be treated with the greatest seriousness. This applies to the design of the room, and the festive feast, and such an important item as congratulations on a silver wedding to parents. It is them, because the wishes of the children are the most sincere and kind. Each parent wants to hear pleasant words not only from close relatives, friends and colleagues, but also from those who are almost always with them. This, of course, children. Congratulations on a silver wedding to parents should contain parting words, advice and wishes that directly relate to the relationship between their father and mother. All this should be said in a pleasant and beautiful form.

Congratulations on a silver wedding to parents can be as follows:

Dear Mom and Dad, we congratulate you onanniversary of your wedding! We want you to never be angry with each other again. Please treat yourself and your couple with great tenderness and love. Always know that we support you and understand, no matter what. I wish you happiness for many more years!

Dear parents, accept our sincerecongratulations on the 25th anniversary of your wedding! How happy we are that over the years you remain cheerful, kind, gentle and affectionate towards each other. We wish you patience, which will surely help you in that you less curse and get angry. The main thing that you can wish for is, of course, good health. If you have nothing to hurt, you will be happy. To do this, you need to rest and spend time in the fresh air. We wish that you finally go on vacation to a seaside resort. If you need something, you can always ask for help. Happy holiday, you are our dear!

Congratulations on the silver wedding to parentsshould not only be beautifully told, but also decorated on paper in some original way. It will be fun and most festive and will be remembered by Mom and Dad for many years.
Congratulations with a silver wedding from children and,maybe even grandchildren can contain any memories related to the past years of a man's and woman's marriage. Below are the similar wishes:

Our beloved father and mother, grandmother and grandfather, wewe want to say that you are the best, the most gentle and affectionate. Now we remember the wonderful moments of your life. We feel special feelings when we think about our vacation a few years ago. We saw how anxious you are towards each other, how you take care of yourself. We dream that every day of your life is the same as then. You are an example of true love for us. Thank you for everything. Congratulations, dear ones!

Native mom and dad, we congratulate our childrenyou with the 25th anniversary of your marriage together! We wish you health, a long and happy love, understanding, patience, happiness and, of course, success in your work! Be the same as you were that year, the moment we all rested at sea. You were madly in love with each other, like niggo! We want this to be not only from time to time, but also daily. We always love and support you!

To parents who celebrate the 25th anniversarylife together, as well as all the guests present at the celebration, it was fun, children can come up with comic congratulations with a silver wedding. They can contain memories of funny cases in the life of a couple, any nicknames and nicknames that they had or have now, etc.

The most important thing is that the congratulations to the silver wedding to the parents be sincere.