Wedding in a leap year

Wedding - one of the most responsible, but alsotime and joyful events, when young couples reinforce their feelings vows, connecting hearts together. Preparations for the wedding, the celebration and the wedding night begins long before this treasured day. Organization of a celebratory banquet, purchase wedding rings, wedding dresses, veils and costume often becomes a real and most difficult test for the pair, after the wedding, like any other festival, surrounded by a mass of customs and, of course, superstitions.

Many are frightened when they realize that the celebrationthe connection of the hearts of the two loving halves falls on a leap year, when extra days are added - February 29. There is a mass of opinions as to whether a leap year is suitable for a wedding or whether it is better to transfer the celebration for a certain period. Among the population there is an opinion that a wedding in a leap year is unacceptable, since this time is the most unfortunate: there are a lot of deaths, people suffer from various diseases, undergo a collapse of their own business and personal life. Many young people try to play a wedding before the leap year, because they believe in numerous signs. Wedding in a leap year, in their opinion, condemns the newlyweds to a short life together, which will be filled with scandals and disputes. But the statistics testifies to the reverse facts.

A wedding played in a leap year, as notedemployees of civil registry offices, one of the happiest events that could occur at a given time. People who have strong feelings, despite superstitions and terrible signs, understand that if there is love and understanding, then no misfortune will not stand in the way of their happiness. This helps spouses avoid divorce.

Nothing supernatural and unusual astrologersdo not find in a leap year, because February 29 is quite an ordinary day, which comes at the expense of the fact that the astronomical year is 365 days and 6 hours. To avoid a pretty decent error in the calculation of time and bias for each year, which is a multiple of 4 and were added extra days. For the first time a leap year was introduced in the year 45, from which humanity switched to the Julian calendar, named after Guy Julius Caesar.

Wedding in a leap year, according to ministersOrthodox Church, does not carry in itself anything destructive for a young union, because there is no "unfortunate time" for love. It is not written in any church book that wedding in a leap year is played by other individual traditions. The sacraments of the wedding are absolutely the same as in any other year, day and month. Existing superstitions and omens in this regard by Orthodox ministers reject and with great pleasure perform the sacraments of the wedding of people who love each other.

In people, a leap year was called "yearbrides ", and it's not accidental. Girls, in order to preserve their future wedding union, independently visited their "narrowed" houses for matchmaking. And they came completely alone, without matchmakers. The selected young man could not, in the event that a girl came to him to woo, to deny her reciprocity. It was after the history of a large number of weddings in a leap year - superstitions and bad signs have sunk into oblivion, and the year has received a completely different name, "the year of brides."

For true and sincere love, in fact,there are no barriers or obstacles either in the form of a leap year, or in the form of astrological predictions. If you are confident in your feelings and feelings of your second half, then do not doubt the date of celebrating the wedding. After all, loving hearts will overcome all obstacles that will stand in the way of their personal happiness.