Where is Ethiopia, its statehood, climate, attractions

Hot Ethiopia (in the recent past Abyssinia) -the last country where ancient Christianity was preserved. Mysterious and completely different from other African countries. Another nature, other people, another religion. And even slavery was not there.

where is Ethiopia

Where is Ethiopia, on which continent. Statehood

The country of Ethiopia is in East Africa. Despite such a placement, the territory has no access to the sea. It borders on Eritrea, Djibouti, Somalia, Kenya and Sudan. This is the most mountainous country in Africa. Its considerable area is occupied by the Ethiopian Highlands. But the plains and slopes are also present on its territory.

As for statehood, this country is a federative democratic republic headed by the president. The most common religion is Christianity.

Country Ethiopia: history, language, seas

They speak Ethiopia in Amharic. Also here you can hear Arabic, Somali and English speech. The national currency is the burr. The capital of Ethiopia is the picturesque city of Addis Ababa, the symbol of the city is the image of a lion.

In the capital there are many monuments to this majestic beast, also images of the lion can be found in local currency and various emblems.

where is Ethiopia on which continent

The country has no access to the sea. Until 1993, it had access to the Red Sea. But after the separation of Eritrea, she lost this privilege.

The territory where Ethiopia is located, historicallyancient and unique. And even now, in our enlightened age, it is strikingly different from the whole world. There is no industry, people plow on oxen, like 2000 years ago, there is no light and no water in the villages.

The climate of Ethiopia

The climate of Ethiopia is formed by two factors: subequatorial and equatorial climatic zones, as well as its location on the Ethiopian Highlands. It is this combination that gave the area where Ethiopia is situated, a fertile mild climate, with enough rainfall and an average air temperature of +25 ... + 30 ° С.

Sharp changes in temperature are unusual for thisterrain, but the difference between day and night temperatures can be 15 degrees. Favorable weather conditions are not present throughout the solar region of Ethiopia. Its eastern regions are characterized by a hot and desert climate.

Flora and fauna

Flora and fauna of Ethiopia is diverse. On its territory there are plants and animals that are characteristic of desert regions and tropical forests. Here live giraffes, hippopotamuses, lions, elephants.

In large numbers there are rhinoceroses, antelopes,jackals, hyenas and various kinds of primates. Many of these animals have been subjected to total extermination, but at the moment the state policy is aimed at combating crimes against wildlife.

Sights of the country

Ethiopia is a picturesque, picturesque country with a deep history. The most magnificent sights of this African land are Lake Tana, Rock Churches in Lalibela and Duloll Volcano.

where is the country of Ethiopia

In the town of Lalibela, in the north of Ethiopia, there are11 cut down in the rock structures. This is a temple complex of the 12th-13th centuries, decorated with columns. The construction of the churches is one-piece, their roof is located at the ground level, and the entrance is in a deep cave.

Interesting facts about Ethiopia

Unlike other African countries, Ethiopiahas never been a colony, so foreign influence is minimized. Infrastructure and tourism here are poorly developed. The territory where Ethiopia is located is not the Gregorian, but the Coptic calendar. The temporary difference between these two time counting systems is 7 years 9 months and 5 days.

In addition, the Coptic calendar totals 13months, 12 of which last 30 days, and the last 5 days. This feature is adopted by travel companies, inventing the slogan "Ethiopia - rest 13 solar months."

The capital of Ethiopia, Addis Ababa, is in onetime zone with Moscow, but the sunrise occurs at 0 o'clock. Many people who live where the country of Ethiopia is, do not know how to use the dials.

Note to tourists

The most convenient currency for a trip to Ethiopiais the dollar. They can easily be paid in hotels, shopping centers, shops, restaurants, clubs and other places. Euros on the territory of this country are not so popular, they need only be changed to the national currency in banks. The visa-free regime will not have to be hoped for, before crossing the border, a preliminary visa will be required.

Ethiopia is the history of the language of the sea

Unfortunately, street crime is flourishing in Ethiopia. Sometimes the whole gangs work. It is not safe to independently examine the surroundings of cities and travel without a guide.

Tourists are not recommended to conduct discussions withlocal people about their religion and lifestyle. The population that lives where Ethiopia is located takes criticism very aggressively.

The food should be treated with caution, and drink water only from the sealed bottles, do not even brush your teeth with tap water.