Names of insects: species wealth

Insects are the most numerous class of animals(invertebrates, arthropods). Here the most natural and evolutionary variety is represented: insects, species and names of which count a great many. According to the assumptions of scientists, there are more than two million species on Earth. The researchers described only more than 1,000,000 of them. It is interesting that these arthropods occupy all possible ecological niches, meeting even in Antarctica. This allows us to say that we live on the planet of insects, not knowing about their true number.


These are the most common insects (photos andthe names of some of them are below). These arthropods account for more than 40% of all insects in the world. Every year, scientists discover species previously unknown to science. Gestokrylye - another name for beetles (insects). These creatures pass in their lives a complete cycle of transformations: from the egg and the larva to the pupa and adult. Everywhere the bugs of the most incredible colors and sizes are jumping, flying, crawling around us. They can be detected with confidence under a snag, a flower, in the ground, and in the air.

names of insects

The smallest and most giant beetles

The smallest - only 0.2 mm is the beetlefeather fender. In size, it is slightly larger than the infusoria-shoe. And the largest specimens are the woodcutter-titanium and the beetle-beetle. Their length is up to 20 cm. And among European coleoptera, the stag beetle occupies a leading position. Interestingly, the largest representatives of the class can exceed their smallest brethren fifteen hundred times!

Deer beetle

The names of insects often come from externalspecies of animals. This name was given to the beetle by beautiful and large horns, which are located in the upper part of the body of the male. Throughout life this arthropod can make a complete transformation. And the length of its existence at the stage of the larva significantly exceeds the stay as an adult of the final specimen. In the final image - just a few weeks. And before this 5-7 years they can be in the guise of a larva - a fat, inactive sediment, living mainly in rotten trees and larger than an adult beetle.

the name of insect beetles


Many people probably heard about the sad fatemantis mantis: after mating, his own wife eats. But, by the way, this information is not entirely true. According to researchers, an insidious case occurs in about 50% of cases. Praying mantises have a very original appearance: they often portray aliens from distant space. The head is in the form of a triangle, huge facet eyes, anterior long limbs, folded in a characteristic "prayerful" pose (and here the names of insects exactly coincide with the appearance of strange creatures). By the way, in ancient times Muslims were sure that this mystical kind of animal turns towards Mecca, performing prayer. So it or not - exact data are not presented. But the fact that the mantis is a master of camouflage and camouflage is obvious. And having such a mimicry, he turns, sitting in ambush and waiting for his prey, in various subjects: a branch, a blade of grass, a stone or a flower. By the way, this creature, truly an unearthly species, is an awesome predator: beetles and spiders are its main food. And the females are used even small lizards and snakes. Widely known is the so-called mantis pose, exactly repeated in Chinese kung fu.


These insects (photos and names of some of them -below) most of his life is spent in the uncouth shape of the caterpillar. Only a few days they were given to impress everyone with their unimaginable colors with wings and beauty. The caterpillar of a peacock's eye, for example, does not look too aesthetically pleasing, and even causes many to be disgusted with its appearance. Whether it's an adult: a butterfly that lives and pleases the eye for only about seven days. And here the names of insects are often given according to their appearance. On the wings of a butterfly - an amazing beauty "eyes", reminiscent of the color of the tail of a peacock.

insects photo and name

It is characteristic that butterflies can be very small in size, and can be very, very large. So, the scoop of agrippina ticks up to the wingspan of up to 28 centimeters!

insect species and names

Large insects

In fact, the largest of the existinginsects are considered to be sticks. Such specimens from Kalimantan reach the length of the trunk more than 30 centimeters, and with elongated limbs - more than half a meter. Some beetles are also famous for giant sizes - up to 20 centimeters.

large insects

Useful bees

The names of insects are different and diverse. Among them, we have not yet mentioned flies and ants, grasshoppers, for example, the richness of forms and types of which amazes imagination. Many of them cause harm to a person, some are neutral. But bees are insects that bring us great benefits. And it's not just honey, but even their poison and by-products are healing.

names of insects

And the sounds (buzz), issued by a swarm of bees, toopinion of modern researchers of insects, have positive energy and heal the body from a variety of diseases. It is no accident that the night spent next to bees in the apiary gives strength and vigor, strengthens health and immunity. And in modern medicine there is a whole industry that deals with treatment and recovery with the help of bee products.

In order to work out only one kilogramhoney, these insects fly thousands of kilometers, moving from one flower to another, working from dawn to sunset. In addition, they pollinate a lot of plants, which due to bees have the ability to reproduce.