Development and operation of gas and oil fields. What is it, whom to work with

Graduates are faced with the choice of the futurespecialties. It directly depends on their material welfare, social status. Consider the specialty of the specialty associated with the extraction and processing of minerals.

development and operation of gas and oil fields

Specific direction

Among the various minerals, inPresently, oil and gas are of interest. Development and operation of gas and oil fields is a large national economic complex, existing according to its laws.

Work in this sphere of the economy is considered prestigious and highly paid, so many modern schoolchildren dream of obtaining specialties related to the oil and gas industry.

Oil in Russia

For our country, "black gold" is a national wealth, a source of economic power of the state, the basis of the economy.

Development and operation of gas and oildeposits for Russia is considered one of the most important sources of currency in the country's budget, since most of the "black gold" is exported.

development and operation of oil and gas fields

Demand for a specialty

Since the economy of most countries in our timedirectly depends on oil, the oilman's profession is of particular importance. Specialty "Development and operation of gas and oil fields" on the basis of 9 classes is considered one of the most prestigious areas in modern adolescents. Employees of the oil and gas industry are engaged in the extraction of "blue fuel" and "black gold", guaranteeing the stability of the country's economy.

development and operation of gas and oil fields on the basis of 9

"Burning water"

For more than 4,000 years, there has been an oilIraq. In Moscow, oil was seen in the 16th century, it was called "burning water". Boreholes appeared only in the middle of the XIX century, and from that time the oil industry began to develop actively.

At the beginning of the nineteenth century, there was no complex distillation of "black gold", so it was not purified, did not receive from it a lot of valuable organic substances.

Active development and operation of gas and oil fields was observed in the XX century, and it was during this period that the popularity of the oilman profession increased.

development and operation of gas and oil fields on the basis of 9 classes

Specialty features

Modern man is used to the fact that prices forGas and oil are indicators of the well-being of the population. What attracts schoolchildren in this branch of the national economy? First of all, the specialty "Development and operation of gas and oil fields" is interesting for high wages, opportunities for career growth.

In today's market there is an acute shortageHigh-quality specialists with the required level of knowledge in this field of activity. Development and operation of oil and gas fields requires engineers - well designers, specialists in quality control of "black and blue fuel", technologists for the extraction of minerals. Educational institutions provide an opportunity to receive these specialties.

Every year there is an increase in oil and gasprojects, the development and exploitation of oil and gas fields is increasing. The specialty associated with this industry is becoming more and more in demand among schoolchildren.

Specialists involved in the extraction of gas and oil can bring great benefits to the economy of the country.

What attracts the guys in the oil and gas industry? How is the development and operation of oil and gas fields? Who will work after the completion of profile training? These issues are relevant for those who are on the verge of choosing their future profession.

development and operation of oil and gas fields


Before going to school, inwho are offered training in the direction "Development and operation of gas and oil fields" on the basis of 9 classes, we note that young specialists will have to work far from their homes.

The specificity of the profession is most oftenshift work method. Not all people survive such a regime, they can leave their loved ones for a long time. Representatives of this profession should show interest in technical sciences.

development and operation of oil and gas fields by whom to work

Professional qualities of the oil industry worker

What are the requirements for applicants,who chose the direction "Development and operation of oil and gas fields"? What is this direction of training? There is a list of professional requirements that a future specialist in the oil and gas industry must meet:

  • Monitoring the state of development of the oil field;
  • analysis of oil-bearing contours;
  • registration of documents for mountain areas;
  • systematization of geological materials;
  • sampling for analyzes of soil samples;
  • evaluation of the effectiveness of new mechanisms and the state of the oil well.

Applicants planning to link theirprofessional activities with the oil and gas industry, must have excellent physical and mental health. A specialist in this industry must be observant and independent, have subject-effective thinking, long-term structured memory, and be sociable.

Duration of training

On the basis of 9 classes in the direction "Development andoperation of oil and gas fields "it is possible to receive a specialty" technician-technologist "at full-time. The term of study is 3 years 10 months. The educational state standard on this specialty was developed, according to which it is necessary to study the following special and professional educational disciplines:

  • Electrical engineering and electromechanics.
  • Engineering graphics.
  • Geology.
  • Certification, standardization, metrology.
  • Technical mechanics.
  • Information Technology.
  • Legal aspects of professional activity.
  • Exploitation of oil and gas equipment.
  • Economy.
  • Life safety and labor protection.
  • Development of gas and oil fields.
  • Exploitation of gas and oil fields.
  • Basics of planning and organization of production activities in gas and oil fields.

After the end of the training period, the young specialist can find employment in the following areas:

  • at the enterprises of gas and oil industry;
  • in research organizations associated with the oil and gas industry.

development and operation of oil and gas fields


A qualified specialist receives a high salary. At present, the gas and oil industries are experiencing stability.

Engineers engaged in the industryindustry, can expect to improve their skills outside the country. There are special international programs for the exchange of specialists in oil and gas production. After the completion of the training, all graduates have the opportunity to continue their studies in higher education institutions, or they can immediately start a career in production.

At the technologist on extraction of gas and oil, having experiencework more than five years, the size of wages is in the range of 50-100 thousand rubles. Specialists serving drilling gas and oil wells, at the age of three, can count on a salary of up to 100 thousand rubles.

Approximately the same salaries are builderspipelines, as well as all engineers of the gas and oil industry. Specialists whose experience is more than 10 years are guided by 150 thousand rubles a month's income. That high salary is one of the main reasons for the popularity of this specialty among modern adolescents.


Technologist-technologist, who passed the full training courseon the basis of nine classes, is preparing for the implementation of the most complicated technological processes of exploitation and development of gas and oil fields. He will monitor the main indicators of the developed field, select the optimal operating modes for the functioning wells.

It is the technologist who is obliged to prevent and eliminateall consequences of accidents occurring in gas and oil fields. He conducts systematic diagnostics of all engineering systems of the well, if necessary, performs capital or current repairs.

Special attention is paid to the observance of requirements for nature protection. They are taking all the necessary measures for the safe operation of gas and oil wells.

Engineer-technologist performs important technologicalcalculations related to ground and downhole equipment. Such specialist performs maintenance of gas and oil equipment, is engaged in registration of technical and technological documentation for the operation of specialized equipment.