A bosom friend is how to understand? Origin and meaning

It's nice when there is a chance to destroy this or that myth. People go around the belief that a bosom friend is one with whom you can drink and talk about life. Is it so? We'll find out.

Placer of options

bosom friend

Perhaps this is the rare case when the origin of the expression causes so many different versions. Let's give them a list to make it more convenient for the reader to perceive:

  1. A sob. This is the most popular version, and until now most are confident that it is so. What is there to hide, our people love to drink, and the one with whom it is best to do is valued in weight of gold.
  2. Bast shoes. Adam's apple was also called the instrument used to make bast shoes. In other words, people have one Adam's apple for two: they are from the same family.
  3. In Russia, an apple of Adam was of great importance,because, according to the beliefs, he defended his throat. A throat, speaking in modern language, is multifunctional: they are told, eat, drink. Therefore, a bosom friend is someone with whom you can share all this, that is, eat, drink and talk. And again this version refers us to the theme of the feast.

But thanks to the dictionary there is another possibility.

The most likely version

Whatever one may say, I would not like to believe that everythingcloses and closes on the topic of vodka. Here it is necessary to analyze the old talk, where the "cadets" are equal to "when." Thus, there is a "long-standing friend". This is the meaning of the phrase "bosom friend". True, the most common version of the origin of the expression is still one that lives more alive than the people. In other words, only one friend with whom a lot of buckets of alcohol is eaten can be considered bosom. Of course, we do not want to believe in the truth of such an interpretation, but suddenly it was so. In any case, since it is a matter of deep antiquity, it is up to the reader to decide which side to join.

Real friends are so few

which means a bosom friend

Whatever it was, on whatever soil sucha man did not appear, and trusted friends trusted unquestioningly and unconditionally. And this is another argument, albeit not rational, in favor of the "sober" origin of the expression. Sobutilniku, when people have already emerged from a certain state of consciousness, it is unlikely that something can be trusted. Especially if you practice in this business often.

Friends who have passed with a man fire, water and copper pipes, in life typed very little. Maybe no more than three, and this at best. Usually there are one or two.

After we have opened all possible optionsthe origin of phraseology, it's time to answer the main question: "What does a bosom friend mean?" This is a spiritually close person. Friendship with him totals a year or decades. But the mental relationship here is the primary distinctive feature.