Where is Peter 1 buried? Necropolis of the dynasty

In mid-May 1703, the Russian Tsar Peter I indelta of the Neva on the Hare Island laid the fortress, calling it St. Petersburg, in the name of its heavenly patron. In the summer of this year, together with other buildings, a wooden church was laid, which was named after the holy apostles Peter and Paul. After the Poltava victory of 1709, Petersburg began to be built up with magnificent buildings, because it is now the capital of the Russian State.

Necropolis of the dynasty

The Peter and Paul Cathedral is an outstanding monumentarchitecture of the beginning of the XVIII century, it is widely known, and sparkling gold spire is one of the symbols of the city. But not everyone is aware of the fact that the cathedral is the burial vault of the Russian Imperial House, where Peter I and Catherine I are buried, as well as all subsequent crowned dynasties.

emperor petr first where buried

But contemporaries perceived the cathedral primarilyas the crypt of the House of Romanov, it contained only those sacraments that were dedicated to these sad events, baptisms and weddings were not held. The decoration of mourning ceremonies was attended by the best architects and artists of St. Petersburg. To my great regret, only the contemporaries of the events could see the funeral processions, after all the decorations were sorted out and the temple took its usual form.

Traditionally, the cathedral did notonly embalmed bodies in hermetically closed coffins, but also decomposed into the vessels of internal organs. The day before the official ceremony they were placed at the bottom of the grave. In this procedure, as a rule, only the members of the "Sad Commission", engaged in organizing funerals, and the clergy were present.

From the history of the cathedral

In 1712, on the birthday of the city of Peter 1 onMany of the highest personalities laid eyes on the first stone of the cathedral in place of the wooden church. In 1733, the temple was consecrated, it is designed in the Baroque style and is one of the majestic monuments of architecture. The cathedral is a rectangular building, located from west to east, over its eastern part there is a drum with a dome, and on the west side there is a bell tower with a gilded spire of 122.5 meters, which till now is the tallest structure of St. Petersburg. Since 1858 the church is called "Peter and Paul". On the second photo you see the interior of the cathedral where Peter 1 is buried.

Under the leadership of the tsar the cathedral was built veryfast. Domenico Trezzini - Swiss engineer - was appointed architect, he was given the best masters. After 8 years outside the construction of the cathedral was completed. From Holland, watches with chimes were brought, they were purchased for a huge amount of money - 45,000 rubles. After 3 years, a gold-plated spike was installed. The iconostasis, the work on which Peter put on the shoulders of architect Zarudny, was made for 4 years. Under his guidance on the drawings worked artists Ivanov and Teleg.

the graves of celebrities Peter i

Emperor Peter the First where is buried?

Most likely, at the beginning of the construction of the king, according tothe example of Constantine - the first Christian emperor - wanted to turn the cathedral into the tomb of his dynasty. Before the construction of the cathedral, all the kings were buried in the Archangel Cathedral of the Kremlin (Boris Godunov resting in the Trinity-Sergius Lavra).

For two centuries the Peter and Paul Cathedral, where Peter the Great is buried, was the burial place of almost all the emperorsbefore Alexander III and many family relatives, only Peter II and John VI are buried elsewhere. The very first in 1708, still in the wooden church, was buried at the age of one and a half years, Catherine, the daughter of Peter the Great.

where Peter i and Catherine i are buried

Graves of celebrities. Peter I and his descendants

Before the completion of the construction in the cathedral wereother burials were also made. In the summer, in 1715, the remains of the daughters of Peter 1 - Natalia and Margarita were brought here. In the winter - queen Marfa Matveevna (Apraksina), which was the wife of Tsar Feodor Alekseevich. In 1717 Peter's son 1-Pavel was buried, in the following year the soul of Peter's eldest son Aleksey Petrovich, from his first wife Lopukhina, executed on the orders of his father for anti-state activities, was repaired. Five years later, in 1723 Maria Alekseyevna, the disgraced sister of Peter the Great, was buried here. The graves of Tsarevich Alexei and Queen Marfa Matveevna are under the bell tower in the side-chapel of St. Catherine. The grave where Peter 1 is buried, in the photo below.

where Peter 1 is buried

It was here, in the unfinished cathedral, on March 8, 1725year they placed the body of the Emperor Peter the Great, who had been asleep for all time (on January 28). According to the project of D. Trizini, a temporary wooden church was built inside the cathedral, and there they transferred it with a magnificent ceremony of the departed Peter the Great and his daughter Natalia, who died on March 4.

The tightly closed coffin, where Peter the Great was buried, was placed on a sheafed catafalque lined with gold cloth, under a canopy. In the summer of 1727, the coffin was placed there with his deceased wife, Empress Catherine.

Ashes to the earth

Empress Anna Ioannovna in May 1731commanded to betray the dust of the spouses to the earth. The funeral took place with a special ceremony on May 29. Among those present there were persons from the Admiralty, generals, colleges. When the coffins were placed in a special place in the Imperial Cemetery, 51 volleys were fired from the fortress.