How old is Ryazan? City `s history

Ryazan is in the top thirty largest citiesRussia, it is located in 198 km from Moscow. The population is 515 thousand people, originally the city was called as Pereyaslavl. Before answering the question about how many years Ryazan, a little plunge into its history.

This city gradually grew on the Oka river, on thefertile lands, flood meadows, forests full of different wild animals, and ponds where there was a lot of fish. Oka for many centuries was the main route that came to Europe, it connected Pereyaslavl with other Russian lands, with the Asian East and Byzantium. Some chronicle sources indicate that sometime a long time ago there was a transition or a link through the Oka to the Don through Pereyaslavl-Ryazan.

how old is Ryazan

Ryazan: the history of the city

In its territory during excavations found a lottreasures with silver hryvnia, dirhams, Byzantine and Arabic coins. When they began to erect the first stone Kremlin and its highest tower, it was called Glebovskaya, as she was looking at the area of ​​the Borisoglebsk cathedral. In the 10th century, Prince Sviatoslav, some of the lands on the Oka River, fighting the Khazar Khaganate, subjugated the Kiev state. But in the era of feudal wars, these territories turned out to be part of the principality of Chernigov.

At the end of the XI century, for influence in the Field beganthe struggle between Chernigov and Vladimir princes. It was at this time that the first mention of the city was included. Pop Mark of Ilyinsky church in 1570 wrote that in the summer of 6603 (1095) the city of Pereyaslavl-Ryazansky was built near the church of St. Nikola the Old. From this date it is necessary to start counting how many years Ryazan, but more about this later.

administration of the city of Ryazan

Time for a change

During the internecine wars, the ancient KremlinPereyaslavl-Ryazan in the total area occupied a small territory. And further on the old architectural buildings it is possible to trace the growth of the Kremlin, because there were monasteries along the boundaries of the city. In the XIV century, in the direction of the Spassky Monastery, the city developed along the southern direction. In the 15th century the Dukhov Monastery was founded, which became the northern ledge of the Kremlin. Then in different directions - Troitsky, Solotchinsky, etc. The Ryazan Kremlin soon consisted of a chain of outposts. For those times it was a powerful system of defense fortifications.

By the XIV century Pereyaslavl became the largestthe city of Pohoja and the capital of the principality, his heart was a wooden Kremlin with 12 towers, which represented the protection of the inside of the Grand Duke's court and the houses of wealthy townspeople.

The building of the Kremlin with stone buildings began atPrince Feodor Olegovich. One of the first was built by the Assumption Cathedral, today only the apses of the once white stone masonry of the 15th century, cleared for modern spectators, were preserved from it.

Ryazan City Day

The history of the big city of Pohje

Once in 1460 the Khan of the Great Horde Akhmatwanted to take the city, but could not, because the Kremlin's Upper Posad already existed, and around the settlement of the bishop and the Borisoglebsk cathedral there was a prison - on the outside there was a fortified ring built of wooden palisades and watchtowers, where the market, inns, parish churches and restaurants.

XVI and XVII century were designated for Ryazannumerous peasant revolts against the landlords who ruined their farms. This plight of the peasants led to famine and epidemics in 1601-1603. In 1606, Ryazan joined its suburbs with the people's leader, Ivan Bolotnikov.

In 1611, Ryazan was one of the first to initiate the convocation of militias for the liberation of Moscow, the head of this movement was elected Prokopy Lyapunov, who led the detachment to Moscow.

In the XVIII century formed the Ryazan governorship, and then - the province. The city of Pereyaslavl-Ryazan was named Ryazan with its own coat of arms, depicting a warrior with a sword and a Monomakh hat.

In the Patriotic War of 1812 in Ryazan evacuate people and transport thirty thousand wounded. Then 15 thousand Ryazanians joined the fight against the enemy.

By 1860 in Ryazan lived 21.6 thousand people, its vice-governor at that time was ME Saltykov-Shchedrin. The city's population had doubled by 1897, the city's area was 12 square kilometers. km.

After the revolution of 1917 the ubiquitousdemonstrations and rallies. The people did not have confidence in the Provisional Government because of the famine that had begun. October 30, 1917 in Ryazan established Soviet power.

The war with the Germans and the beginning of the world

In continuation of the answer to the question of how many yearsRyazan, it is necessary to note one more very important fact in the life of this legendary city. The front line approached the Ryazan region in the autumn of 1941. Then there was a terrible bombing that took many lives and destroyed homes. The city was in a state of siege since November 1941. The difficulties were that there were no parts of the regular Soviet Army next to each other, so the defense was held by ordinary citizens. As a result, German troops were stopped from the city in 30 km.

Literally immediately after the war, a sharp revival of the city begins. Industry, science are developing, institutions are being opened. Today Ryazan is known for its valiant airborne training center.

Ryazan city history

Administration of the city of Ryazan

It is important to note that a particularly powerful developmentthe city received during the presidency of the People's Deputy and mayor of the city Chumakova Nadezhda Nikolaevna. The administration of the city of Ryazan immediately took up construction of 20 urban areas, trams, trolley buses and buses went. The city was awarded the title of the winner in landscaping and landscaping among the cities of the USSR. For her effective 26-year work Chumakova Hope has repeatedly received the transferring Red Banner.

Since November 24, 2015, Ryazan began to wearhonorary title of the City of Military Valor. Today, the City Duma consists of forty deputies chaired by Frolov Vladislav. The Mayor of the city is Oleg Bulekov.

So how many years of Ryazan? It turns out that in 2017 this ancient city will turn 922 years old. Usually for this celebration from all ends a lot of guests come to Ryazan. Day of the city is usually celebrated three days from 29 to 31 July.