Uzbekistan: the population and its total population. Ethnic composition and city. Traditions and customs of Uzbeks

Uzbekistan is a state in Central Asia, onefrom the former Soviet republics. And this is the happiest post-Soviet country (according to the version of the World Happiness Report). The article describes in detail the population of Uzbekistan, its size and ethnic composition. In addition, you will learn about the main customs and traditions of the Uzbek people.

Republic of Uzbekistan: population and cities

The state is located almost in thethe heart of Eurasia. It has no access to the sea (if we do not take into account the rapidly drying Aral Sea-lake). Moreover, all without exception the neighbors of the republic also do not have access to the World Ocean. There are only two such countries in the world: Uzbekistan and Liechtenstein.

The population of the Republic of Uzbekistan is almost 32 millionhuman. This Asian state is characterized by a low rate of urbanization. The urban population of Uzbekistan is only 50.6% of the total population. The largest in terms of the number of residents of the city: Tashkent, Samarkand, Namangan, Andijan, Nukus and Bukhara.

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Tashkent is the largest city of Uzbekistan and itscapital. More than two million people live here. It is the main industrial and educational center of the country, here the main part of its enterprises is located. In the 60s the city was destroyed by a powerful earthquake. However, Tashkent was completely and very soon restored.

The population of Uzbekistan and its dynamics

To date, the birth rate in the countryabout five times higher than the death rate. This ensures high rates of population growth. If compared with other CIS countries, they are higher only in Tajikistan.

Today the population of Uzbekistan is 31,977million people (data for October 2016). The positive dynamics in its growth has been fixed for more than 60 years in a row. Thus, over the past half-century the population of Uzbekistan has grown exactly three times. And in the 50-60s of the last century, the republic experienced a real "demographic explosion".

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It is important to note that the population of Uzbekistandispersed across the country is extremely uneven. The reason for this is the special natural and climatic conditions of the region. Most of the republic is mountainous or arid (arid) areas, unfavorable for human life and economic activity. The most densely populated is a tiny but very fertile Fergana valley. Here, according to statistics, every third inhabitant of Uzbekistan lives.

As for the life expectancy of Uzbeks,men in this country live on average up to 61 years, women - up to 68 years. The main cause of death of the inhabitants of this country are cardiovascular diseases. Thanks to recent reforms in the health care system, the average life expectancy in Uzbekistan increases every year.

Ethnic and language composition

Uzbekistan is a multinational state. The most numerous ethnic group are Uzbeks (about 82%). They are followed by Russians, Tajiks, Kazakhs, Tatars and Kirghiz. Diasporas of Ukrainians, Koreans, Azerbaijanis and Armenians are also very significant in Uzbekistan.

According to the latest data, there are about1.1 million ethnic Russians. Almost half of them live in Tashkent. In the capital of Uzbekistan, almost all residents are fluent in Russian. The state language in the republic is Uzbek.

Relations between Uzbeks and their closest neighborsneighbors can hardly be called warm and friendly. They are most hostile to the Kirghiz (massacres in the city of Osh in 2010 - a vivid confirmation of this). Dislike Uzbeks and Kazakhs. But the real river of contention between the inhabitants of Tajikistan and Uzbekistan is the Amu Darya River. The fact is that Tajiks are actively building large hydroelectric power stations in the headwaters of the river, which threatens the vast expanses of Uzbekistan with drought.

None of the religions is fixed in the constitution of the country as dominant. However, most of the population of Uzbekistan professes Islam (about 95%).

population of the Republic of Uzbekistan

Traditions and customs of Uzbeks

Uzbekistan is first of all huge families,where several generations can live under the same roof. At the same time, relations in a single family are built on a strict hierarchical principle and on the basis of respect for elders.

The Uzbeks are deeply religious people. They celebrate all Muslim holidays, during Ramadan they fast fast, five times a day they perform namaz. Almost all the rituals that have now taken place have arisen here as a result of the synthesis of Islamic dogma and various magical practices.

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The Uzbeks are very unpretentious and veryindustrious people. In this country, amazingly many small handicraft industries - small family sawmills or workshops. Tea occupies an important place in the life of every Uzbek. It is the national drink of Uzbekistan, to cook and pour which is allowed only to the owner of the house.