Colleges of Kazan. Reference book of the applicant

Kazan is a city where many educational institutions are located, and colleges are no exception. There are more than a dozen of them, but only a few are the largest and most significant.

Medical College

To date, honey. College (Kazan) trains such specialties as obstetrician, dental technician, paramedic, nurse, pharmacist, medical laboratory technician. The teaching staff consists of 128 employees, many of whom are awarded state awards and academic degrees.

Students for exams and tests, as well asFor effective learning, computers and interactive whiteboards are provided. The library fund of the college is about 70 thousand books. In the educational institution there is a dining room and a hostel with fairly acceptable conditions.

colleges of Kazan

Pedagogical College

Pedagogical College (Kazan) at the momentgathered under its roof 68 teachers, 6 of which have academic degrees. The institution is equipped with computer classes, a library with Internet access and an electronic book depository, digital projectors.

It is impossible not to mention the chic sports complexCollege, consisting of gyms, gym, and sports grounds. For students and teachers there is a first-aid post. There is also a buffet for 30 seats and a dining room with 60 seats. On the territory of the educational institution, wireless Internet access is provided. Other colleges in Kazan can not provide this for their students. For visitors a comfortable hostel with 320 seats is provided.

honey college of Kazan

College of Music

Kazan College of Music. I.V. Auhadeeva already for more than 100 years from graduates of children's music schools makes high professionals. The visiting card of the educational institution is its musical groups, regularly participating in city concerts. This symphonic, folk and brass bands, ensembles of guitarists, cellists, violinists, domrists, vocal groups. It is good that there is this institution, because not all colleges in Kazan are able to bring the child to art. Here they teach such specialties as instrumental performance, vocal art of academic, folklore and variety directions, choral conducting, musical theory. High school students of music schools have the opportunity to go to college for a preparatory course in their specialty. The initial program is based on the requirements of admission tests. The schedule of lessons at the preparatory department is set individually, at a convenient time for the listeners. Similarly, other colleges of Kazan work with applicants.

Teacher's College Kazan

College of Technology and Design

Kazan College of Technology and Design isThe only educational institution on the territory of the Russian Federation that produces specialists in the felting and felt industry. In 2009, he was awarded a grant of 60 million rubles as a winner in the competition of state educational institutions. Thanks to the award, the institution has a small printing house, on which various educational documents are made.

Students who live outside the city,provides a cozy hostel, where you can not only relax and do homework, but also to visit circles of interest. Comparing all the colleges of Kazan on the educational level, we can conclude that this is definitely the best.