Descendants of Peter 1. Children and grandsons of Peter 1

Among the Russian monarchs, there is no one who can becompare with Peter 1 on the scale of his reforms and the importance of their results for strengthening the role of our country in the international political arena. And although the personal life of the rulers throughout the history of mankind has always been in sight, often their offspring, especially those who could not claim the throne or did not end up on it, died in obscurity. So who were the descendants of Peter 1 and what do we know about them.

descendants of Peter 1

Alexei Tsarevich

In 1689, Peter the Great married Evdokia Lopukhina. From this marriage a year later he had a son - Tsarevich Alexei, who until 1718 was considered the heir to the Russian throne. From early childhood, the boy did not feel the love of his father, who transferred his negative attitude to his unwanted and forced wife to his son. Nevertheless, after Peter the Great sent the queen Evdokia to the monastery, he forbade Alexei to visit his mother, because of that he suffered greatly and harbored anger at his father. Over time, this feeling grew into hatred, and the young man turned into a toy in the hands of the opponents of the king. Moreover, after his stepmother, Catherine, gave birth to a son almost simultaneously with his wife, who gave birth to the first grandson (future Peter 2), Alexei was made clear that he was superfluous and the emperor now has an heir from his beloved woman, with whom he links all your hopes. After this, the prince, who was very much afraid that he might be killed, wrote a letter to his father. In it, he abandoned the throne and expressed a desire to go to the monastery.

children of Peter 1

However, he never realized this intention,but instead fled to Vienna, to ask for the protection of Emperor Charles 6. As a result of the great efforts made by the famous Russian diplomat P. Tolstoy, Alexei managed to return to Russia and bring to justice, as a traitor, plotting to rebel in order to overthrow Peter 1. The prince died 26 June 1718 in the Peter and Paul Fortress from a blow. At least, this was the official version of the reasons for his death.

Alexander Petrovich and Pavel Petrovich

The second son of the first Russian emperorfrom the marriage with Lopukhin was Alexander Petrovich, who was born in 1691 and died at the age of 7 months. In addition, some sources attributed to Peter 1 another son from the tsarina Evdokia - Paul. However, documentary evidence of this was not found.

Thus, it can be argued that the direct descendants of Peter the Great from marriage to Lopukhin are Alexey and Pavel, as well as the grandchildren Natalia Alekseevna (1714-178) and Peter Alekseevich (1715-1730).

Ekaterina Petrovna

Before we find out how many children Peter 1 hadin general, it must be said that in 1703 Peter the Great had a new mistress, Marta Skavronska. Three years after their meeting, this new tsar's favorite gave birth to his illegitimate daughter - Catherine. The girl lived only a year and a half and was buried in the Peter and Paul Cathedral.

how many children have Peter 1

Anna Petrovna

Five years after the birth of the first child of Marchagain gave birth to an illegitimate girl, who was called Anna. In 1711, a year before the marriage of her parents, she, in spite of all customs, was declared a princess, and in 1721 - a crown princess. When the girl grew up, she was married at the age of 17 to the Duke of Karl-Friedrich Holstein, from whom she gave birth in 1728 to the son of Karl Peter Ulrich. This boy was his own grandson Peter 1. And although he had never been to his mother's home before age 13, he was destined to occupy the throne of the Russian Empire in the future under the name of Peter 3.


In 1709, Peter had a daughter,which was called Elizabeth, and after 2 years was declared the princess. This girl, who never married, could not continue the Romanov family, but by becoming empress Elizabeth 1 she was able to do much to strengthen the reforms of her great father.

grandchildren Peter 1

Children of Peter 1, born between 1713-1719 years

After the birth of Tsesarevna Elizabeth the EmpressCatherine became the mother of the royal siblings 5 ​​more times. In particular, in the period between 1713 and 1719, the pair were born to Natalya the Elder, Peter, Pavel, Margarita and Natalya the Younger. They all died in infancy. The last daughter of the emperor lived longer than others, who died of measles a month after the death of her father.

Grandchildren Peter 1

As already mentioned, survived to maturityonly three of the children of this monarch: Alex, Anna and Elizabeth. Moreover, his son, who died in prison, left behind two kids. As for the crown prince, Anna died after giving birth to a boy, and Elizabeth did not have offspring. Thus, the grandsons of Peter 1 are the children of Alexei — Natalya, born in 1714, and Peter (b. 1715), as well as Karl Peter Ulrich. And if the only granddaughter of the first Russian emperor lived to 14 years and did not show herself, then both boys each occupied the Russian throne in their own time.

how many children have Peter 1

Peter Alekseevich

The son of Tsarevich Alexei from Charlotte SofiaBrunswick was born in 1715. The boy was named after his grandfather Peter, and he and his sister became full orphans in 1718. After the last son of the emperor died, these children were brought closer to the court. The fact is that the grandson of Peter 1 - Peter 2, at that time was the only male representative of the Romanov dynasty, except for the monarch himself. As you know, after the death of the emperor Catherine I ascended the throne, who reigned for only two years.

Although many courtiers sought to plant onThe throne of one of the crown princes, the writings of A. Menshikov in May 1727, became the emperor Peter 2. The boy at that time was only 11 years old, and already at such an early age he was addicted to alcohol. Thus, the children of Peter 1 who were in good health at that time — Anna and Elizabeth — were out of work.

But the young emperor did not actually possessno authority, since all affairs in the country were first taken over by A. Menshikov. After his arrest in 1727, the Russian empire was once again controlled by the boyars, who displaced Peter's comrades. In particular, Ivan Dolgoruky, who even persuaded him to become engaged to his sister, began to exert greater influence on the young emperor. However, the wedding did not take place, as Peter 2 died on the night of January 19, 1730. Being at that time a teenager only 14 years old, he did not leave his heirs, and after him the descendants of Peter 1 were no longer the Romanovs, since from ancient times in Russia the name was transferred from father to son only through the male line.

grandson of Peter 1 Peter 2

Karl Peter Ulrich

By the 1730s, almost all the direct descendants of Peter1 were dead. Only Tsesarevna Elizabeth and two-year-old Karl Peter Ulrich remained alive - her only sister’s sister, Anna, who had passed away two years before. The fate of this boy was even more tragic than his cousin, reigned only three years. The fact is that after losing his mother immediately after birth, at the age of 11 he lost his father too. Then his uncle, the future king of Sweden Adolph Frederick, took care of his upbringing. The caregivers assigned to the child treated him very badly and often humiliated him. Karl's life changed dramatically when he was 14 years old, since in 1742, the childless Empress Elizaveta Petrovna ordered her nephew to be brought to St. Petersburg and declared him her heir. By order of the royal aunt, he adopted Orthodoxy and received the name Peter Fedorovich, and after 3 years he married the Princess of Anhalt-Zerbst. All of Elizabeth’s efforts to raise from her state husband’s nephew, to whom she could leave the father’s throne with a pure heart, failed, and she was forced to admit that this young man would never become a worthy sovereign. From a marriage with Catherine, Peter Fedorovich had a son Pavel, who is officially considered to be the first great-grandson of Peter. However, many historians doubt that this child by blood had something to do with the Romanovs. Having joined the throne in 1761, as Peter 3, Karl Peter Ulrich reigned only 1 year and was overthrown by his wife Catherine as a result of a palace coup.

Now you know how many children Peter 1 has and what fate was prepared for his grandchildren.