Method of projects: application in school

Introduction of innovative technologies in school inthe present time is a priority. This activity is aimed at the formation of a qualitatively different, developed personality of the student. New state standards are also calling for this. The method of projects is now used already in primary school. Its task is to achieve this goal through careful development of the problem, which in the end must end with a real practical result, drawn up in a certain way.

The method of projects in the school is directed, mainly, toso that students can independently acquire this or that knowledge, solving a practical problem that can relate to real life or is related to the studied subject. In the latter case, the teacher's goal, most often, is to teach children to independently seek to find new information.

method of projects

I must say that in the West the method of projectshas been used for a long time. For example, in many schools in Germany this is almost the main way of teaching. In Russia, the method of projects has been known since the beginning of the last century, but in the 30s it was banned. This technology has not been used for more than 50 years, until the end of the 1980s. Currently, it is gaining popularity because of its effectiveness.

The project method promotes the development ofcognitive skills of children, the ability to navigate in the information space and independently formulate and present their knowledge. What specific tasks can children receive to introduce this method of education into the educational process?

method of projects in school

If we talk about geography in high school, thenclass can be divided into groups, each of which is given a specific task. For example, to make a trip on any route. The last children can choose themselves. However, the teacher initially declares the original point and the end station. In addition to enumerating cities, as a result, students will need to protect their project: tell why they chose this route, what is its duration, cost, advantages over similar, etc.

method of projects in computer science lessons

The method of projects in the classroom is widely usedinformatics. And since this subject in modern school is taught already from primary school, it is necessary from the earliest age to teach students to work independently on the problem. The essence of the method is its pragmatic application. Training is motivated primarily by interest in the final result. This technology is useful because it helps in solving certain tasks, sometimes vital, and sometimes just entertaining for students.

This method is used for teachinghumanities and natural sciences. You can apply it in extra-hour activities. For example, in the lessons of mathematics, you can invite students to compose their own collection of problems. The assignment can be given both individually and for the group. In collective work, children can distribute responsibilities, for example, one will deal with the design, the other with creating problems, the third with their adjustment, and so on.