Victor Tsoi's son: biography, photo

Son of Victor Tsoi Alexander was born on July 26, 1985of the year. The father and mother of the boy lived very little together, only a year after the birth of their son. There was no official divorce, and the ex-wife of the singer Marianne continued to wear his name.

The father and son actively communicated and after the divorce, evenwhile the ex-husband started an affair with the famous rock musician of that time under the pseudonym Ricochet. Regular parties with alcohol, loud heavy music and drunken guests, who were constantly in the apartment, left a mark on the formation of the personality of Alexander. In addition, for the five-year-old child, the death of the pope became a shock. To date, he decided to change the name, which he inherited from the legendary Victor Tsoi. The son of a rock star became Alexander Molchanov.

son of Victor Tsoi

Biography of Alexander Tsoi (Molchanov): childhood and youth

The child began to compose verses at the age of five. Alexander did not graduate from high school, deciding instead to go to the capital. There he began studying English, computer programming, and he achieved great success. Even at this time he was engaged in web design. In addition, Alexander (son of Viktor Tsoi) worked on television, where he was personally invited by the head of the First Channel, for six months. After that, he returned to St. Petersburg and worked as a system administrator.

Alexander's mother has always been categorically opposedthat the boy should follow in the footsteps of his father, and in every possible way protect him from the press and the fans of Viktor Tsoi. Even dying of cancer, she asked her son to avoid publicity in the last moments of her life, explaining that she does not bring anything good. Given that Alexander is almost unknown to the general public, he followed the advice of his mother. Many do not even know that the rock singer had a child. At the time of his death, he was 20 years old. So there was one son of Victor Tsoi. His biography is sad only because his parents left him early.

Sure steps

However, despite the closed way of life,The creative vein was still observed in the boy from childhood. At a certain stage of his life, he began to study music and played the guitar in the band Para bellvm. But the son of a great rock musician has not achieved much success in this field.

Victor Tsoi the son

To date, he owns the club da: da:, and also continues to engage in creativity: composes texts and music for songs. In addition, he owns half of the rights to the artistic legacy of Viktor Tsoi and the group "Kino". Five years ago he made a deal with businessman Oleg Tinkov, as a result of which the latter received the rights to the song "We will continue to act." Alexander Tsoy (son of Viktor Tsoi), whose biography was not the easiest, managed to receive income from his father's talent.

The film "Choi -" Cinema "»

Almost the only public thingAlexander was involved in the filming and editing of the film "Choi -" Cinema ", which was commissioned by the First Channel. The idea of ​​the painting belonged to Natalia Razlogova, she is known in the press as the last love of Viktor Tsoi. Without Alexander, the film would have been incomplete. Some shots were shot in his club, then he went to Moscow for three weeks.

In addition, it was the son of the great rocker whoart director of the painting and managed the creation of graphics. At the same time he participated in recording music for the film, which was based on the songs of the group. In the last days before the release of the picture, Alexander (the son of Viktor Tsoi) took the most active part in editing and staging the final version of the film. Thus, it can be said that he made a tangible contribution to the picture that was created in memory of his father.

Personal life

Given the closed lifestyle of Alexander, littlewho can boast of knowing the details of his personal life. It is known that from the end of 2010 he is officially married to Elena Osokina. The couple has no children and does not talk about their relationship.

Alexander badly remembers Victor Tsoi. The son of a famous rock singer does not know what relationship his parents connected. Perhaps, therefore, he is closed and tries to save himself and his soulmate from the camera lenses.

son of Viktor Tsoi biography

Strange hobbies

Recently, Alexander began to showmasochistic inclinations: he likes to get the thrill of being suspended from the ceiling. Such strange hobbies began to manifest in him after his marriage. This gave an excuse to friends and relatives of Alexander to blame Elena for such a strange "hobby" of her friend. At the same time, they argue that before acquaintance with his future wife, he did not show such inclinations, being absolutely adequate to a young man fluent in computer and English.

alexander zoy son of Viktor Tsoi biography

Now he almost completely changed the environmentand spends all the time in the company of masochists, reducing communication with former friends to a minimum. Nevertheless, his friends hope that this is a temporary hobby, and Alexander (the son of Viktor Tsoi) will eventually abandon his unhealthy hobby and return to normal life. And while this guy is attracted by pain and suffering of a physical nature.