Karl-Friedrich Holstein-Gottorp and Anna Petrovna Romanova - the parents of Peter 3

The fate of famous personalities, their pedigree is alwaysinterested in history buffs. Often, those who are tragically killed or killed are often of interest, especially if this happens at a young age. So, the personality of Emperor Peter III, whose fate was cruel to him since childhood, worries many readers.

Tsar Peter 3

Born Peter 3 February 21, 1728 in the city of Kielof the Duchy of Holstein. These days it is the territory of Germany. His father was the nephew of the King of Sweden, and his mother was the daughter of Peter I. As a relative of the two princes, this man could become a candidate for two thrones. But life decreed otherwise: the parents of Peter 3 left him early, which affected his fate.

Almost immediately, two months after birthchild, the mother of Peter 3 fell ill and died. At the age of eleven he lost his father: the boy remained in the care of his uncle. In 1742 he was transported to Russia, where he became the heir of the Romanov dynasty. After the death of Elizabeth, Peter 3 was on the Russian throne only six months: survived his wife's betrayal and died in prison. Who are the parents of Peter 3 and what is their fate? This question interests many readers.

Tsar Peter 3

Father Peter III Fedorovich

Father Peter 3 was Karl-Friedrich, DukeHolstein-Gottorp. He was born on April 30, 1700 in the city of Stockholm and was the nephew of Charles XII - King of Sweden. He did not succeed in ascension to the throne, and in 1721 Karl-Friedrich went to Riga. All the years after the death of his uncle Charles XII and before his arrival in Russia, Peter's father 3 tried to return Schleswig to his domain. He very much hoped for the support of Peter I. In the same year, Karl-Friedrich travels from Riga to Russia, where he receives a salary from the Russian government and expects the support of his rights on the throne of Sweden.

who are the parents of Peter 3

In 1724 he was engaged to Anna Petrovna,Russian princess. Soon Peter I died, and the marriage took place already under Catherine I, in 1725. This was the parents of Peter 3 who provoked Menshikov's displeasure and made other enemies in the Russian capital. Unable to withstand oppression, in 1727 they left St. Petersburg and returned to Kiel. Here the young couple was born next year, the heir, the future Emperor Peter 3. Karl-Friedrich, Duke of Holstein-Gottorp, died in 1739 in Holstein, leaving his eleven-year-old son an orphan.

Anna is the mother of Peter 3

Russian princess Anna, mother of Peter 3, was born on the 7thFebruary 1708 in Moscow. She and her younger sister Elizabeth were illegitimate until the father, Peter I, married his mother Ekaterina Alekseevna (Martha Skavronskaia). In February 1712, Anna became a real "Princess Anna" - she was so subscribed to in letters to her mother and father. The girl was very developed and capable: at the age of six she learned to write, then she mastered four foreign languages.

the parents of Peter 3

At the age of fifteen she was considered the first beautyin Europe, and many diplomats dreamed of seeing the princess Anna Petrovna Romanov. She was described as a beautiful brunette angelic appearance with a beautiful skin color and a harmonious camp. The father, Peter I, dreamed of becoming related to Karl-Friedrich Holstein-Gottorp, and therefore gave his consent to the engagement of his eldest daughter Anna.

The tragic fate of the Russian princess

Anna Petrovna did not want to leave Russia andto part with their close relatives. But she had nothing left: her father had died, Catherine I, who in two years unexpectedly died, ascended to the throne. The parents of Peter 3 were subjected to harassment and were forced to return to Kiel. Through the efforts of Menshikov, the young couple remained almost destitute, and in this condition they arrived in Holstein.

Anna Petrovna Romanova

Anna wrote many letters to her sister Elizabeth,who asked to rescue her from there. But I did not get any answers. And her life was miserable: her husband, Karl-Friedrich, was very changed, drank a lot, fell. Spent a lot of time in questionable institutions. In the cold palace, Anna was alone: ​​here in 1728 she gave birth to her son. After the birth, a fever happened: Anna was ill for two months. May 4, 1728, she died. She was only 20 years old, and her son - two months. So, Peter 3 first lost his mother, and 11 years later and his father.

The parents of Peter 3 had a miserable fate, which was unwillingly transferred to their son. He also lived a short life and died tragically, having managed to remain an emperor for only six months.</ strong </ p>