What is work? What does it look like?

What is work

What is work? It is a service, a labor activity aimed at obtaining money. Work can take place in different conditions, be heavy or not very, tense or calm. For every person, working conditions are of great importance. The work is divided into mental and physical. Consider these two types.

Physical labor

During the performance of physical work a person experiences a heavy load on the musculoskeletal system, respiratory, muscular-nervous, cardiovascular and other systems.
Such work often contributes to the development ofmusculature, spurs the metabolic processes that occur in the body, but there are also bad sides to it. Which ones? A person, for example, can develop any ailment of the musculoskeletal system. The probability of this trouble is especially high if the labor is too heavy for the employee or improperly organized. You need to protect yourself and think about your health. The definition of the concept of "work" sounds, you might say, optimistic, but in reality everything is not so rosy. Many people are forced to work on wear and tear.

definition of the concept work

Mental activity

Mental work is aimed at absorbing andprocessing certain information and requires concentration, good memory, the inclusion of thinking processes. Such work is dangerous too much stress on the psyche. Mental work is remarkable in that a person who performs it usually moves very little. Hypodinamy can contribute to the development of cardiovascular diseases in the worker. Long mental work has a negative impact on mental processes - diminishing attention and memory, suffering functions of perception of reality. The state of a person and his health largely depend on how reasonably organized the work is. Also of great importance are the characteristics of the environment, where the mental work of the individual is going on. All this must be provided in advance. And purely physical work is now a rarity. The vital activity of the individual involves the expenditure of energy, which directly depends on the intensity of labor. Now you know not only the lexical meaning of the word "work", but also what kinds it is. But the work is divided into several categories. Let's look at them.

Mechanized labor

lexical meaning of the word work

Mechanized work, as a rule, does not requirea large expenditure of energy and loads on the muscles. But at the same time it is characterized by a considerable speed and monotony of the worker's movements. From monotonous work people quickly get tired, they are getting worse attention.

Conveyor work

Such work is noticeable even moremonotony and huge speed. Of course, this is not good. The individual working on the conveyor carries out one or two actions. Since it is a link in a chain consisting of other workers, every movement must be made at a strictly defined time. It's not difficult to understand that it is very exhausting. Monotony and huge labor speed can also cause fatigue. After reading the meaning of the word "work", people, workers on the conveyor, would probably be indignant that the definition does not say a word about the loads that many have to experience.

Automatic production

Automatic production is characterized byless energy and less terrible tension, as on the conveyor belt. In this case, work is the regular maintenance of mechanisms or the implementation of simple actions, such as feeding raw materials, switching on and off machines.

A little bit about intellectual activity

word meaning work

Types of mental (intellectual) workThere are many. This is creative, and managerial, and camera work. This includes the work of teachers and doctors. Many of them work six days a week, tirelessly. They know exactly what work is. Schoolchildren and students are also busy with a kind of labor. The profession of the operator provides a strong emotional and mental stress and a great responsibility. Not everyone can do this kind of activity. The work of schoolchildren and students is characterized by a high tension of the main functions of the psyche - attention and memory. They know first hand what work is. Also, children often have to deal with stressful situations, which include tests, exams and creative assignments. Some children can not stand it all and get sick.

Work for creative personalities

The most complex kind of intellectual labor -which is performed by scientists, inventors, poets, musicians, artists. Such activities provide for high emotional and mental stress. Young professionals, who have barely begun to work in any of these areas, immediately understand what work is. According to them, this is hard labor, which makes you literally plow to exhaustion. Of course, it sounds a little rude, but it's true.