Symbols of France: from a beautiful woman to a cock

the most famous symbol of France

How strange it would sound, but manyFrench residents do not recognize the national coat of arms, because they believe that it is a relic of the past. The main symbols of France, in their opinion, are a woman, a lily and a rooster. This combination may seem strange, however, given the local mentality, it becomes quite acceptable. The main national idea of ​​the inhabitants of this country is reduced to three concepts: equality, freedom and brotherhood. They were allegorically embodied in the image of Marianne - a young woman who went down in history as the most famous symbol of France. Her head is wearing a Phrygian cap, which signified equality and freedom during the Great French Revolution.


what flower is the symbol of France

This symbol was first introduced in 1792.Since that time, Marianne has become very popular among local sculptors and artists. Moreover, bas-reliefs, busts and even paintings with her images were placed in public buildings. In the seventies of the last century the image of this Frenchwoman ceased to be collective and faceless. Then the committee of mayors of cities decided that the symbols of France should be recognized by every citizen of the country. At different times on the country's logo, stamps, government documents depicted famous French women, who were TV presenters, models, actresses. They even minted on coins. The first woman-symbol of France was Brigitte Bardot. Behind her, Mireille Mathieu, Catherine Deneuve, Ines de la Fressange, Laetitia Casta, Eveline Toma, Sophie Marceau were worthy of such honor.

Lily - as a symbol of the monarchy

Asked which flower is the symbol of France,it should be noted that the lily was chosen for this role even during the time of the monarchy. According to legend, the plant saved the army of King Clovis and helped her win an important battle. Under the reign of Louis Seventeenth, the lily became especially popular. She was successfully cultivated and used to decorate women's hair, rooms, streets and so on. Flowers were present in every garden. Thanks to this, the whole country was filled with an incredibly pleasant aroma.

Symbols of France

Galloping Gallic cock

The symbols of France can not be imagined withoutGallic rooster. Historically, the Romans who came to the local lands called their red-haired inhabitants galls (roosters) because of the similarity of the hairstyle with the same-named bird. When a revolution took place in the country, and the monarchy was overthrown by the descendants of the Gauls, it was chosen for the role of a republican symbol. While the image of Marianne was placed on the state seal of the republic, the Gallic cocks began to be minted on her newly produced coins. Initially, these symbols of France meant vigilance, and a little later they became associated with national fighting spirit and zador. The image of the new symbol also appeared on medals for military merits, handles of cold steel and on army banners. It should be noted and the fact that the sports form of the national French soccer team at all times of its existence has always been a place for the Gallic cock.