"Not all Shrovetide cat" is a proverb. The meaning and meaning of her what?

When a person ends with a period of luck, then others can say to him: "What do you want, not all Shrovetide cat!" The proverb (meaning and meaning of it) is in the zone of our today's attention.

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not all cats carnival proverb meaning

A native speaker or just a person who knows wellphraseology, of course, understands meaning almost immediately. For all the rest, it is necessary to delve deeper into the origin of the proverb. The phraseology arose from the expression "not all Shrovetide cat, the Great Lent will come." Agree that now the meaning is clear. And now, even if the Russian man faces the task of explaining to a foreigner what the meaning of the proverb is, he can easily cope with it. And it will look something like this.

At the Carnival, the Russian people are having fun, eating pancakes andin general, nothing special does not limit itself. When the time of Lent comes, the picture changes: everyone walks gloomy and serious, meat is banned, entertainment too. For seven weeks of food abstinence, you can eat only fish, but very rarely.

And here even a foreigner will understand that Pancake weeksymbolizes a favorable time in human life, and Lent is unfavorable. Thus, the expression "not all cats Maslenitsa" (proverb) has the following meaning: luck does not last long, hard times come. On the other hand, that none of the readers are depressed and desperate, say: the harsh times are also not eternal. In general, nothing lasts forever. Life is like ebb and flow. It used to be good, but once bad. Psychological researches assert, that the periods of success and failures last approximately for 5 years.


the meaning of the proverb is not all cats carnival

However, it was time to illustrate the expression "not all Shrovetide cat". The proverb (its meaning is discussed above) can be illustrated as follows.

We will not paint gloomy and horrible pictures,let us turn to a simple domestic event. During the year, the unlucky apprentice was lucky, and he unhindered to write off all the control, but on one of them he was caught by the teacher and said: "Well, Petrov, not all the Carnival cats?" That's how the happy time of doing nothing for Petrov ended ingloriously.

In general, the expression contains a fair sharewicked irony. It's hard to imagine that a person will speak the phrase in question, describing other people's misfortunes, and secretly not rejoice. This is the insidious expression "not all the Cats of Pancake" (proverb). Its meaning is no longer a mystery. By this phrase one can even understand how a person relates to another. True, it is unlikely that anyone will dare to comment on other people's failures in this way. This behavior is very tactless.

In any case, we explained the meaning of the proverb "not all the Cats of Pancake". Now the reader can easily take it into service.