Composition on the painting by Kustodiev "Shrovetide": recommendations

Festivities are often found in paintingsfamous artists of all nationalities. A special place among the colorful and striking paintings are the works of Russian masters. Seeing the long winter in Russia was always full of enthusiasm and fun. The festivities were accompanied by mass and expanse. The image of the Russian Maslenitsa is always interwoven with paintings by BM Kustodiev.

Acquaintance with the canvas

composition based on the picture of Kustodiev Carnival

Composition on the painting by Kustodiev "Shrovetide"is included in the school curriculum. Kustodiev introduces modern youth with lush winter wires and a bright meeting of spring. His paintings are truly able to convey in detail not only the appearance of happy people who survived the harsh Russian winter, but also a positive mood and enthusiasm for the imminent spring. Noting for himself the theme of folk festivals with special significance, Boris Mikhailovich devoted to her a whole series of works called "Shrovetide".

Composition on the painting by Kustodiev "Maslenitsa" is worthstart with a description of the general impression, which can not initially be stopped on something specific. The picture captures the viewer's attention and makes him imagine that he is in the center of the holiday and is a part of it. Feels the freshness of the blinding snow, the aroma of baking and the sound of bells.

With these emotions and impressionsattentive observer, writing an essay. Description of the picture "Carnival" Kustodiev impossible without mentioning the happy faces of citizens, delight and general fun. In the foreground you can see joyful people gathered in the city's trade area, who communicate, discuss something happily and meet the emerging troika horses. The first plan is noteworthy also in that it is possible to see not only the poses and gestures of people, but also their faces, emotions. These details are worked out in detail.


Write an essay on Kustodiev's painting"Maslenitsa" is also for acquaintance of the present youth with pre-revolutionary festivals. The entire panorama of the picture is offered to the viewer from a high point. This allows you to see the church with towering domes, skating people on snow-covered slopes, dancing to the accordion of musicians.

The city square near the theater is filled with laughter andfun, in the distance you can see a large multicolored garland of balloons. The author of the painting managed to show in a striking detail the very essence of the winter wires, when all the inhabitants united and went out on a beautiful sunny Sunday day to meet the arrival of spring, caused by the beginning of the Great Orthodox fast.


Composition on the painting by Kustodiev "Shrovetide" 7class writes, already consciously coming to this era, while studying history of the state, traditions and customs, knowing the architecture and utensils, even the details of the clothes of that time.

In the picture we are considering, Boris Mikhailovichvery reverent attitude to the smallest details. One can see the look of a horse, which rushes to bring a sleigh, an exclamation of harsh men, bright flashes of snowflakes, with which branches of trees are covered, posters of theatrical performances.

 composition of a picture carnival Kustodieva

The composition of the painting by Kustodiev "Shrovetide" will undoubtedly reflect the way he treats ordinary people and life with awe, truly admiring them.

The word about the artist

composition on the picture Kustodieva carnival 7 class

BM Kustodiev is from Astrakhan. There he also received his initial lessons, which laid the foundation for his work. After moving to Petersburg in time, he spent his youth at the Academy of Arts under the direction of Professor Repin. Showed his independence, perseverance, depth of the mood of the masses, for which he received the praise of his mentor.