The word "timid": an antonym, a synonym

What does "timid" mean? Antonym to this word - "decisive" or "self-confident"? Is it possible to replace this word with an adjective?


Indecisive, timid, modest, shy -all synonyms for the word "timid." The antonym is harder to pick up. You can, of course, say that the opposite word in terms of the meaning of this adjective is decisive, brave, immodest, etc. But this will not be entirely true. After all, the term "timid", the antonym in which we are trying to choose, has no pronounced negative or positive shades.

timid antonym


It is this adjective that is most suitable as a synonym for the word "timid". The antonym in this case is decisive. Let us give examples with opposite meanings:

  1. He entered the chief's office and, lowering his eyes, timidly recalled the promised leave.
  2. He entered the chief's office and looked directly into his eyes, resolutely declared his desire to go on vacation.

The first example has no negative connotationthe word "timid". The antonym to him, perhaps, will be brazen, self-confident. However, the person mentioned in the second sentence does not cause negative emotions. About such as he, they say "not timid ten".

A timid man, he is the one who can notto demand what is due to him. Sometimes, depending on the context, the adjective, whose meaning we are now considering, can be replaced by the word "intelligent". And the antonym in this case will be the word "unintelligent," that is, snobbish, unceremonious, impudent.

timid antonym to this word

Strangely enough, "timid", as well asthe words that are one-root to him ("shyness", "shy"), today contains less negative than hundred or two hundred years ago. This adjective occurs in the works of Russian classics, for example, the comedy "Woe from Wit". What did Griboyedov mean by this word?


The protagonist of the comedy is a resolute, intelligentyoung man. His antipode is Molchalin. Sophia is in love with this seemingly humble person, calling him "insinuating, timid." But as is known, modesty of Molchalin hides careerism, prudence. Thus, according to Griboyedov, the synonym for the word "timid" is cunning, spicy. The antonym is straight, open.