The cause of the death of Viktor Reznikov. Biography and interesting facts

Each person has his own destiny, and no one knows,how many are destined to him to live. Unfortunately, some leave this world too early, at the height of their talent. Among those whose care was grief not only for relatives, friends and relatives, but also for millions of fans, a special place is occupied by Viktor Reznikov.

cause of death of Viktor Reznikov

The cause of the death of this gifted composer andsongwriter - an ordinary accident, which could not have happened if the killer driver behaved on the road adequately and did not violate the rules of the road.

Father and mother

Viktor Mikhailovich Reznikov was born in 1952 in theLeningrad. His mother worked as a pediatrician, and then changed her profession, retraining as a psychiatrist. As for his father, Mikhail Yakovlevich Reznikov was a graduate of the Air Force Academy and served as an engineer in the aviation units stationed in the Far East.

Parents parted almost immediately afterthe birth of a boy, and his education was engaged only in the mother, Lilia Efremovna, with whom he until 1965 lived in the house number 13/9 on Vladimirsky Prospekt. Later, the future composer moved with his family to Kupchino.


When in. Reznikov was very young, on the street to his mother came a woman who was engaged in casting for the feature film "Mother's Heart." She said that they are looking for a brunette boy for an episodic role. Victor liked the director, and in this film his debut on the screen took place.

In the years of study at school Viktor Reznikov (reasonwhose death - a car accident) was fond of football and for several years engaged in swimming, gymnastics, chess and basketball. Strangely enough, such a great extracurricular load only pleased him, but he categorically refused music lessons, although his mother tried to interest him with playing the violin.

Victor Reznikov cause of death

Whatever it was, Viti's patience lasted only for three months, so he did not get the proper education, which, however, did not prevent his composer career in the future.


After graduation Victor Reznikov (reasondeath, photo in his youth and facts about childhood are presented in the article) entered the Shipbuilding Institute. During the first years of study at the university, he was fond of music and sports, but soon realized that he was wasting his time in acquiring the specialty of an engineer. After collecting the documents, he went to the Pedagogical Institute. AI Herzen and in 1975 received a diploma of a teacher in the specialty of physical education.

The first steps in creativity

Composer Viktor Reznikov, the cause of deathwhich you already know, wrote his first song, which was called "Rogue April", in 1970. At the same time, he was one of the first in the Soviet Union to start creating music on the computer. The absence of a classical special education did not prevent Viktor Reznikov from becoming an employee of the Lenkoncert in 1978. At the same time, he wrote the hit "Fly away, cloud", which was performed by Soviet pop star Alla Pugacheva.

Cooperation with Mikhail Boyarsky

In the mid-80's Reznikov was at the peaktheir creative abilities. Together with Mikhail Boyarsky, they created a family-friendly musical quartet unusual for the USSR, including Andrei and Sergei as their sons. This collective became famous with the song "Dinosaurs", which began to sound in all telecasts and radio air. During the same period Reznikov resigned from the "Lenkontsert" and began to cooperate with the Leningrad rock band "Marathon", and in 1988 he headed the Leningrad branch of the "Record" SPM.

Participation in contests

If it were not for a terrible accident - the cause of deathVictor Reznikov, the composer probably would have written many more hits. However, in his short life he managed a lot. In particular, V. Reznikov in 1985, 1987, 1988, 1999 and 2000 became the winner of the TV festival "Song of the Year" for the compositions "Soldier", "House of Cards", "Ledinka" and "Phone Book".

cause of Viktor's death resznikova discography

Victor's songs were performed by such famous singers andVIA Soviet and Russian music, like Alla Pugacheva, L. Dolina, V. Leontiev, I. Ivanov, I. Otiyeva, "Pesnyary", Jaak Joala, A. Veski, L. Senchina, T. Mägi, S. Rotaru, R Rymbaeva, L. Leshchenko, A. Asadullin, the beat-quartet "Secret", etc. Many of them were his friends. They had a hard time accepting the news of his death, especially since the cause of Viktor Reznikov's death - an accident occurred unexpectedly, when the composer was full of strength and creative plans.


The young composer participated in manypopular programs of the Leningrad Television. Including in "Drawing", "New Year Labyrinth" and "Musical Ring", in which in 1986 and 1988 he competed with the young Leningrad composer I. Kornelyuk. In addition, he was often invited to music programs on the then Central Television. In particular, he was a frequent guest of "Morning Mail" and "Wider Circle". And the musical quartet of Boyarsky and Reznikov and their young sons became a participant in the charity telethon "Revival", which was aimed at raising funds for the city of Leningrad fund.

Popularity in the USA

In 1988, Reznikov's song "The House"interested in American producers. For her, the text was written in English, and the name was changed to Do not Stop Now. In addition, in June 1990, a joint album with the Americans was released, Music Speaks Louder Than Words, which also included a song by V. Reznikov performed by The Cover Girls. American producers have done a lot of work on her promotion, as a result of which she got into the American dance music parade of dance music Hot Dance Music, rising to the 2nd place.

cause of Viktor Reznikov's death song

I must say that for the Sovietsongwriter, such success in the United States was unprecedented, and V. Reznikov even offered to join the Society of United States authors. However, being an extremely modest person, he was ashamed. It's hard to say what other successes this young and extremely talented composer could achieve in the United States. However, it all ended due to a terrible accident (the cause of Viktor Resnikov's death), which occurred in February 1992.

The Starko team

In 1991, Viktor Reznikov, Yuri Davydov andMikhail Murom decided to organize a soccer team of pop stars, which was called "Starko". It was assumed that the matches will be held in conjunction with large-scale national gala concerts, and all income will be transferred to charity. The first captain of "Starko" was himself Viktor Reznikov. The first team also included father and son Presnyakov, A. Kutikov, M. Boyarsky, M. Muromov, Yu. Davydov, Yu. Loza, S. Belikov, S. Minaev, V. Syutkin, V. Malezhik, K. Kelmi, S. Krylov, N. Fomenko, A. Glyzin, A. Misin and many others.

The project of the team of stars was exclusivelysuccessful, and Victor repeatedly showed at the stadium not only his musical, but also sports talent, especially as in his childhood he was engaged in football for a long time. In the same period of the composer's work there were songs dedicated to his favorite game. They were the compositions "Football" and "Reserve".

Project SUS

In the early 90's Reznikov was fascinated by the ideaUnite in one team of Russian and American musicians. As a result, in early 1991, he, along with Dan Meryl, organized the team SUS. It also includes Steven Boutet, Dmitry Evdomakh and Vladimir Gustov. In August, Dan Meryll and his colleagues arrived in St. Petersburg, where an album was recorded, which, unfortunately, never came out.

cause of Viktor Reznikov's death

It also included several well-knownsongs of the composer with new texts written by Dan Meryl. In addition, the songs of Place In My Heart and Another Try in the US were shot quite successful for those times video clips. In the process of implementation, there were other projects, but the cross was all set by the accident (the cause of the death of Viktor Reznikov).

A family

Famous songwriter married fairlyearly. His wife became Lyudmila Kolchugina. In 1978, the couple had a son Andrew, and later a daughter, Anya. Today they are adults and successful people. In particular, Andrei Reznikov in the past was the general producer of MTV Russia, and at the moment he directs Radio Record, replacing his mother Lyudmila Kolchugin-Reznikov.


The composer passed away very early, when hehas not yet turned forty years old. The reason for the death of Viktor Reznikov, whose memory is still alive in the hearts of his admirers, is quite common for Russia, where drivers often violate the rules of the road.

The tragic incident occurred on February 22, 1992year, when the composer in his car VAZ-2106 decided to take his daughter to his grandmother, Lilia Efimovna. Victor Reznikov was already approaching the mother's house and stood in the right row to turn in the opposite direction and stop at Belgrade street. At the time of the turn in his car, directly into the driver's door, the "Volga" crashed, traveling behind in the 2nd row at high speed. Anya's daughter was not injured in the accident, but Viktor Reznikov was seriously injured. Lilia Yefremovna, who left the house to meet her son and granddaughter, and who was standing on the other side of the street, was an eyewitness of the event.

composer Viktor Reznikov cause of death

More than two days B. Reznikov was in the St. Petersburg Military Medical Academy. However, all the efforts of the doctors did not lead to anything, and he died on 25 February. The composer was buried at the Komarovskoye cemetery, and at first it was hard for many to believe in his death and that the usual car accident was the cause of Viktor Reznikov's death.


The composer is the author of music fortwo-part film "How to become a star". This picture of director V. Aksenov, published at the Lenfilm studios in 1989, was a huge success for the audience, and it was often called a joke for beginners. A little later, Reznikov received an offer of cooperation from Tatyana Lioznova. She invited him to write music for his painting "Carnival", but for some reason changed her mind, and in the final version the music sounded Dunaevsky.

More for the movie, the musician did not write anything, soas he was prevented by the accident with a tragic outcome (the cause of the death of Viktor Reznikov). The discography of the composer is also rather short. They were recorded several albums. Among them:

  • "How to become a star" with songs from the same namea musical picture, which included such well-known compositions as "I Live" and "Sonnet No. 5" performed by V. Leontiev, as well as "How are you, old man?", which the "Secret" band recorded.
  • "House of Cards" ("Ledinka", "Praktikantka Katya", "Polovinka", "Phone Book", "Hang-glider", etc.).
  • "Give your hand and farewell" ("House" in the performance of the quartet Boyarsky-Reznikov, "Julia", "Migratory Bird", "Fly, cloud," etc.).

cause of death of Viktor Reznikov

The albums, like the songs, could have been much larger, if not for the accident (the cause of Viktor Reznikov's death).

"Recognition" is a musical composition thatentered into two of them and enjoyed immense popularity. In the film "How to become a star" it was performed by Marianna Ganicheva, and in the album "Give her hand and farewell" the audience heard it performed by the Baltic singer Gintare, who at that time already lived in the US. Later, the same favorite composition was performed by Alla Pugacheva, thanks to which another work by Reznikov became a hit - "Fly away, cloud".


A few months after theaccident (the cause of death of Viktor Reznikov), famous musicians, artists and poets - friends of the composer V. Uspensky, V. Sevastyanov, A. Rimitsan, L. Dolina, M. Boyarsky, Yu. Davydov and others decided to immortalize his memory. They created a fund for his name. In addition, in May of the same year, the Children's Musical Theater opened in St. Petersburg, which was headed by the widow of the composer Lyudmila. He was also given the name of Reznikov. As already mentioned, she also continued work on the project "Radio Record". This FM radio station at that time claimed to be one of the most popular in the country and would have achieved its goals, had it not been for the shock that had shaken everyone, the cause of Viktor Reznikov's death, songs that everyone adored from young to old.

Fortunately, near the death of the composer, his business was continued close, so many of the brainchild of the musician (Radio Record, football team of stars, etc.) continue to exist to this day.

Now you know who Viktor Resnikov was. Biography, the cause of death and the discography of the composer were presented in our article. We hope, now you can better understand his work or even join the army of those who regret his untimely death.